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SCHEDULE 7E+W+S Repeals and Savings

Part II F1E+W+S Savings

Textual Amendments applied to the whole legislation

Non-textual amendments applied to the whole Legislation can be found in the Introduction

1The repeal of section 2 of the M1Forestry (Transfer of Woods) Act 1923 shall not affect any rights or liabilities of the Commissioners transferred to them under that section, in so far as any such rights and liabilities continued to subsist immediately before the commencement of this Act.

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2The repeal of section 4(5) of the M2Forestry Act 1945 shall not be taken as affecting the Minister’s obligation to hold land subject to any terms and conditions applicable by virtue of that subsection, so far as any obligation arising under that subsection continued to subsist immediately before the commencement of this Act; nor shall the said repeal alter the construction of any conveyance, lease or other instrument for whose construction the subsection had effect immediately before the said commencement.

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3The repeal of sections 1 to 4 of the M3Forestry Act 1947 shall not affect the application of any of those sections, or any part of them, for the purposes of—

4Notwithstanding the repeal of section 8(1) of the M7Crown Estate Act 1961, the powers of the Minister over land transferred as mentioned in that subsection shall not be subject to any restrictions which may have applied to the land as being part of the Royal forests, parks and chases or any of them.

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