Part IV

Miscellaneous and General

42Amendment of certain enactments relating to licences

(1)The enactments mentioned in Part I of Schedule 4 to this Act (which among other things provide for the licensing of guns, hawkers, passage brokers, emigrant runners and porters, and for regulating activities to which the licences relate) shall cease to have effect.

(2)The enactments mentioned in the first column of Part II of Schedule 4 to this Act (which specify fees or maximum fees for licences, certificates or permits to which those enactments relate or for registration under those enactments) may be amended, by an order made by the Minister or department specified in relation to the enactment in question in the second column of the said Part II, so as to vary any sum specified by that enactment or so as to provide that any sum payable under that enactment shall cease to be so payable; and an order under this subsection may be limited to such cases as may be specified by the order and may make different provision for different cases specified by the order.

(3)Any statutory instrument containing an order under this section shall be subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of either House of Parliament.