Schedule 1Payments to Public Bodies

Part I

Bodies to which section 3 applies

1The National Coal Board.

2The Electricity Council.

3The Central Electricity Generating Board.

4An Area Electricity Board.

5The North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board.

6The South of Scotland Electricity Board.

7The Gas Council.

8An Area Gas Board.

9The British Railways Board.

10The London Transport Board.

11The British Transport Docks Board.

12The British Waterways Board.

13The Transport Holding Company.

14Any company which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of any of the bodies specified in paragraphs 9 to 13 of this Part of this Schedule or which would be such a subsidiary if any two or more of those bodies constituted a single body corporate.

15Cable and Wireless Ltd.

16The Commonwealth Development Corporation.

17The British Overseas Airways Corporation.

18B.O.A.C. Associated Companies Ltd.

19The British European Airways Corporation.

20BEA Helicopters Ltd.

21The British Airports Authority.

22The United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority so far as its activities are financed out of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority Trading Fund.