Matrimonial Causes Act 1965

  1. Introductory Text

  2. Part I Divorce, nullity and other matrimonial suits

    1. Divorce

      1. 1.Grounds for petition

      2. 2.Restriction on petitions within three years of marriage

      3. 3.Divorce not precluded by previous judicial separation

      4. 4.Alleged adulterer as a party

      5. 5.Hearing of petition

      6. 6.Intervention of Queen's Proctor

      7. 7.Proceedings after decree nisi

      8. 8.Remarriage of divorced persons

    2. Nullity

      1. 9.Additional grounds for decree of nullity

      2. 10.Application of ss. 5(7), 6 and 7 to nullity proceedings

      3. 11.Legitimacy of children of annulled marriages

    3. Other matrimonial suits

      1. 12.Judicial separation

      2. 13.Restitution of conjugal rights

      3. 14.Presumption of death and dissolution of marriage

  3. Part II Ancillary relief

    1. Interim orders for alimony

      1. 15.Interim orders for alimony

    2. Maintenance and application of property in cases of divorce

      1. 16.Maintenance orders

      2. 17.Application of settled and other property

      3. 18.Commencement of proceedings with respect to maintenance and settlements

    3. Maintenance etc. in other cases

      1. 19.Nullity

      2. 20.Judicial separation

      3. 21.Restitution of conjugal rights

      4. 22.Neglect to maintain

    4. Maintenance agreements

      1. 23.Validity of maintenance agreements

      2. 24.Alteration of agreements by court during lives of parties

      3. 25.Alteration of agreements by court after death of one party

    5. Maintenance from estate of deceased former spouse

      1. 26.Orders for maintenance from deceased's estate

      2. 27.Discharge and variation of orders under s. 26

      3. 28.Additional provisions as to orders under ss. 26 and 27

    6. Supplemental

      1. 29.Applications for ancillary relief

      2. 30.Payment of alimony or maintenance to trustees etc

      3. 31.Variation and discharge of certain orders for relief

      4. 32.Avoidance of transactions intended to prevent relief

  4. Part III Protection op children

    1. 33.Restrictions on decrees for dissolution or separation affecting children

    2. 34.Custody and maintenance of children affected by matrimonial suits

    3. 35.Custody etc. of children in cases of neglect

    4. 36.Power to commit children to care of local authority

    5. 37.Power to provide for supervision of children

    6. 38.Application of Maintenance Orders Acts to orders under Part III

  5. Part IV Miscellaneous and general

    1. Miscellaneous

      1. 39.Declarations of legitimacy, etc

      2. 40.Additional jurisdiction in proceedings by a wife

      3. 41.Damages for adultery

      4. 42.Condonation

      5. 43.Evidence

      6. 44.Power to allow intervention on terms

    2. General

      1. 45.Transitional provisions and repeals

      2. 46.Short title, interpretation, commencement and extent

    1. Schedule 1

      Transitional provisions

    2. Schedule 2