Schedule 4Common Land

Duty of owner of right in the soil to convey on payment of compensation

2(1)On payment or tender to the lord of the manor, or such other party as aforesaid, of the compensation agreed or awarded in respect of the right in the soil of any such land, or, where provided for in this Act, on payment into court of that compensation, the lord of the manor or other party shall convey the land to the acquiring authority.

(2)The conveyance shall have the effect of vesting the land in the acquiring authority as if the lord of the manor or other party had been seised in fee simple of the land at the time of executing the conveyance.

(3)In default of such a conveyance it shall be lawful for the acquiring authority, if they think fit, to execute a deed poll in the manner provided by section 9(3) of this Act, and thereupon the land in respect of which the compensation was paid into court shall vest absolutely in the acquiring authority and they shall be entitled to immediate possession thereof, subject nevertheless to the commonable and other rights theretofore affecting the same, until those rights have been extinguished by payment, as hereinafter provided, of compensation for the same either to the persons entitled thereto or into court.