Plant Varieties and Seeds Act 1964

21Restrictions on sales of seeds of unindexed plant varieties

(1)Subject to this section, after a section of the Index has come into force it shall be an offence under this section for any person in selling seed of a plant variety which is within the class to which the section of the Index relates, but which is not in the Index, or in offering or exposing for sale any such seed, to use a name which serves or is intended by him to serve to distinguish the seed from seed of other plant varieties within that class.

(2)Subsection (1) of this section shall not apply—

(a)to a person who reasonably believes that the seed is to be used for scientific purposes or for the purposes of research, or

(b)to a person who reasonably believes that the seed will be used outside Great Britain.

(3)Where any person makes, or proposes to make, arrangements under which some other person uses seed under the control of the first-mentioned person for the purpose of increasing the first-mentioned person's stock, or of carrying out tests or trials, and under which the whole of the material produced, directly or indirectly, from the seed, and any unused seed, becomes or remains the property of the first-mentioned person, subsection (1) of this section shall not apply—

(a)to a sale, or offer for sale, of the seed by the first mentioned person to the other person as part of the arrangements, or

(b)to a sale by that other person to the first-mentioned person of seed produced, directly or indirectly, from that seed.

(4)Except as provided by paragraph 3(3) of Schedule 5 to this Act, the Ministers shall not refuse an application for the inclusion of a plant variety in the appropriate section of the Index after it has come into force on any ground other than that in their opinion the plant variety is not distinct from a plant variety which is for the time being in the Index.

(5)If at any time it appears to the Ministers that they will not be able to give a decision on such an application within two years from the time when the applicant has complied with the conditions prescribed under Schedule 5 to this Act for making the application, they shall make an entry in the Index giving to the plant variety such provisional name as appears to them appropriate; and when the decision has been given they shall make such corrections as may be required to give effect to the decision.

(6)The applicant may appeal to the Tribunal against the refusal by the Ministers of such an application, and the Tribunal may at any time before the final determination of the appeal require the Ministers to make an entry in the Index giving a provisional name for the plant variety to which the application relates pending the determination of the appeal.