London Government Act 1963

Schedule 7Metropolitan Roads

Part I

Route NumberFromTo
A.1Junction with A.501 (Islington).Highgate Archway, Archway Road.
A.2Junction with A.3 (Southwark).Junction with Crown Woods Way, Woolwich.
A.3Southern end of London Bridge.Beverley Bridge at Roehampton Vale.

Junction of Strand and Aldwych near St. Clement Danes Church.

Junction with A.400 at Trafalgar Square by Strand.

Junction with A.301 at Lancaster Place, Strand.

60 yds. east of junction with Netheravon Road South, Chiswick.

A.5Junction with A.40 (Marble Arch).Junction with A.4003 (Kilburn).
A.10Junction with A. 1202 (Shore-ditch).Junction with Craven Park Road, Stamford Hill.
A.11Junction with A. 1210 (Aldgate).Junction with Borthwick Road, Leyton.
A.13Junction with A.11 (White-chapel).Junction with Hermit Road, West Ham.
A.20Junction with A.2 (Deptford).44 yds. east of junction with Mervyn Avenue, New Eltham.
A.21Junction with A.20 (Lewisham Clock Tower).The boundary of Greater London at Orpington.
A.22Junction with A.23 (Purley).The boundary of Greater London at Whyteleafe.
A.23Junction with A.3200 (Lambeth).Junction with A.235 (Purley).
A.24Junction with A.3 at Clapham Common.The boundary of Greater London at Ewell.
A.40Junction with A.4200 (Holborn).Junction with Old Oak Road, Acton.
A.41Junction with A.501 (Maryle-bone).Junction with A.598 (Hamp-stead).

Junction with A.1211 (Tower Hill).

Southern end of Tower Bridge.

Junction with A.1210 (Tower Hill).

Junction with A.2 (Southwark).

A.101.Junction with A.1203 (Stepney).Junction with A.200 (Bermond-sey).
A.102Junction with A.106 (Hackney).Junction with A.206 (Greenwich).
A.104Junction with A.1 at Islington Green.Junction with A. 11 (Woodford).
A.105Junction with A.104 (Dalston).Junction with A. 1004 (Palmers Green).
A.106Junction with A.107 (Hackney).Junction with A.112 (Leyton).
A.107Junction with A. 10 (Stoke Newington).Junction with A.11 (Stepney).
A.110Junction with A. 1000 (New Barnet).Junction with A.11 at Buckhurst Hill.
A.111The boundary of Greater London at Enfield.Junction with A.406 (Edmonton).

Junction with A.1011 (Silvertown).

Junction with A.106 (Leyton).

Junction with A.11 (Stratford).

The boundary of Greater London at Chingford.

A.113Junction with A.11 (Leyton).The boundary of Greater London at Woodford Bridge.
A.114Junction with A.116 (Wanstead).Junction with A.104 (Leyton).
A.116Junction with A.114 (Wanstead).Junction with A.117 (East Ham).
A.117Junction with A. 16 (East Ham).Woolwich Ferry (north side).
A.118Junction with A.11 Stratford).Junction with A. 12 and A. 127 at Gallows Corner.
A.123Junction with A.13 (Barking).Junction with A.124 (Barking).
A.124Junction with A. 13 (West Ham).Junction with A.1112 (Dagenham),
A.200Junction with A.3 (Bermondsey).Junction with A.206 (Greenwich).

Junction with A.2 (South wark).

Northern end of Blackfriars Bridge.

Southern end of Blackfriars Bridge.

Junction with A.401 (Finsbury).

A.202Junction with A.2 (Deptford).Junction with A.302 at Victoria Street, Westminster.
A.203Junction with A.23 (Lambeth).Junction with A.202 at Vauxhall.
A.204Junction with A.215 (Tulse Hill).Junction with A.23 (Lambeth).
A.205Junction with A.206 (Woolwich).Junction with A.406 (Gunners-bury).

Junction with A.2 (Greenwich.

Junction with A.220 (Erith).

Junction with A.2016 (Erith).

The boundary of Greater London at Dartford.

A.207Junction with A.2 (Greenwich).The boundary of Greater London at Dartford.
A.209Junction with A.2 (Woolwich).Junction with A.207 (Bexley).
A.210Junction with A.20 (Woolwich).Junction with A.205 (Woolwich).
A.212Junction with A.205 (Lewisham).Junction with A.215 (Croydon).
A.214Junction with A.3 (Wandsworth Common).Junction with A.212 (Crystal Palace).
A.214Junction with A.222 (Elmer-side Road) at Elmers End.Junction with A.222 (Upper Elmers End Road) at Elmers End.
A.215Junction with A.3 (Elephant and Castle).Junction with A.222 (Croydon).
A.216Junction with A.23 (Streatham).Junction with A.217 (Mitcham).
A.217Junction with A.308 (Fulham).The boundary of Greater London at Banstead.
A.219Junction with A.24 (Merton).Junction with A.404 (Willesden).
A.220Junction with A.207 (Bexley).Junction with A.206 (Erith).
A.222Junction with A.20 (Sidcup).Junction with A.232 (Croydon).
A.224Junction with A.20 (Sidcup).The boundary of Greater London at Orpington.

Junction with A.224 (Orpington).

Junction with A.23 (Croydon).

Junction with A.235 (Croydon).

The boundary of Greater London at Ewell.

A.234Junction with A.212 (Crystal Palace).Junction with A.222 (Beckenham).
A.235Junction with A.23 (Thornton Heath).Junction with A.23 (Purley).
A.236Junction with A.217 (Mitcham).Junction with A.23 (Croydon).
A.238Junction with A.24 (Merton).Junction with A.298 (Raynes Park).
A.240The boundary of Greater London at Ewell.Junction with A.3 (Tolworth).
A.243The boundary of Greater London at Leatherhead.Junction with A. 307 (Surbiton).
A.244The boundary of Greater London at Sunbury.Junction with A.312 (Feltham).
A.297Junction with A.24 (Morden).Junction with A.217 (St. Helier).
A.298Junction with A.238 (Raynes Park).Junction with A.3 (Raynes Park).
A.300Southern end of Southwark Bridge.Junction with A.3201 (Southwark).
A.301Junction with A.3202 (South-wark).Junction with A.4 at the Strand.

Junction with A.3212 at St. Margaret Street, Westminster.

Junction with A.202 at Vauxhall Bridge Road, Victoria.

Junction with A.3200 (Lambeth).

Junction with A.4 at Hyde Park Corner.


Junction with A.307 (Richmond).

Junction with A.312 (Feltham)

Junction with A.310 (Twickenham).

The boundary of Greater London at Sunbury.

A.306Junction with A.3 (Wandsworth).Junction with A.219 (Hammersmith).
A.307The boundary of Greater London at Thames Ditton.Junction with A.205 (Kew).
A.308Junction with A.3220 at Ashburnham Road, Chelsea.The boundary of Greater London at Sunbury.
A.309Junction with A.308 (Hampton Court).The boundary of Greater London at Esher.
A.310Junction with A.305 (Twickenham).Junction with A.308 (Hampton Wick).
A.311Junction with A.308 (Hampton).Junction with A.312 (Hampton Hill).
A.312Junction with A.311 (Hampton Hill).Junction with A.4090 (Harrow).
A.314Junction with A.315 (Hounslow).Junction with A.305 (Feltham).

Junction with A.219 at Butterwick, Hammersmith.

Junction with A.205 at Kew Bridge.

Junction with A.219 at Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith.

Junction with A.30 (East Bedfont).

A.316Junction with A.4 (Chiswick)Junction with A.312 (Feltham).
A.400Junction with A.4 at Strand by Charing Cross.Junction with A.1 at Highgate Hill.

Junction with A.4 at Piccadilly Circus.

Junction with A.201 at Farringdon Road.

Junction with A.40 at New Oxford Street.

Junction with A.501 at Pentonville Road.

A.404Junction with A.5 (Paddington).The boundary of Greater London at Rickmansworth.
A.407Junction with A.4003 (Willesden).Junction with A.4088 (Willesden).
A.409Junction with A.404 (Harrow)The boundary of Greater London at Bushey.
A.410Junction with A.404 (Harrow)Junction with A.41 (Edgware).
A.411The boundary of Greater London at Borehamwood.Junction with A.1000 at Barnet.
A.501Junction with A.5 (Marylebone).Junction with A.5201 (Fins-bury).
A.502Junction with A.400 at Camden Town.Junction with A.406 (Hendon).
A.503Junction with A.400 at Camden Town.Junction with A.406 (Waltham-stow).
A.598Junction with A.41 (Hampstead).Junction with A.1 000 (Finchley).
A.1000Junction with A.1 (Highgate)The boundary of Greater London at Barnet.
A.1004Junction with A.105 (Palmers Green).Junction with A.111 (South-gate).
A.1011Junction with A. 13 (West Ham).Junction with A.117 (North Woolwich).
A.1081Junction with A. 1000 (Barnet)The boundary of Greater London at Barnet.
A.1112Junction with A. 13 (Dagenham).Junction with A.12 (Chadwell Heath).
A.1200Junction with A.501 (Shoreditch).Junction with A.1 (Islington).
A.1202.Junction with A.5201 (Shoreditch).Junction with A.11 (Stepney).
A.1203Junction with A.1210 (Tower Hill).Junction with A. 13 (Stepney).
A.1205Junction with A. 13 (Stepney)Junction with A.11 (Stepney).
A.1206Junction with A. 13 (Stepney)Millwall Outer Dock Lock, Isle of Dogs.
A.1208Junction with A. 10 (Shore-ditch).Junction with A.107 (Bethnal Green).
A.1210Junction with A. 100 (Tower Hill).Junction with A.11 (White-chapel).
A.1211Junction with A. 100 (Tower Hill).Junction with A.11 (Aldgate).
A.2015Junction with A.21 (Lewisham)Junction with A.222 (Becken-ham).
A.2016Junction with A.206 (Erith)Junction with A.220 (Erith).
A.2203Junction with A. 102 (Greenwich).Junction with A.206 (Greenwich).
A.2204Junction with A.206 (Woolwich).Woolwich Ferry (south side).
A.2211Junction with A.206 (Greenwich).Junction with A.20 (Lewisham).
A.2213Junction with A.2 (Greenwich)Junction with A.20 (Woolwich) (including Kidbrooke Way).
A.3005Junction with B.358 (Norwood Green).Junction with A.315 (Hounslow).
A.3006Junction with A.315 (Houns-low).Junction with A.4 (Hounslow).
A.3036Junction with A.23 at Westminster Bridge Road.Junction with A.3 (Wandsworth).
A.3200Junction with A.3 (Southwark)Junction with A.23 (Lambeth).
A.3201Junction with A.300 (Southwark).Junction with A.3 (Southwark).
A.3202Junction with A.3 (Southwark)Junction with A.23 (Lambeth).
A.3203Junction with A.201 (Southwark).Junction with A.3212 at Mill-bank.
A.3204Junction with A.3 (Elephant and Castle).Junction with A.202 (Vauxhall).
A.3205Junction with A.203 (Vauxhall)Junction with A.3036 (Vauxhall).
A.3211Junction with A.201 at Blackfriars Bridge.Junction with A.302 at Westminster Bridge.
A.3212Junction with A.4 at Pall Mall East at Trafalgar Square.Junction with A.3220 at Batter-sea Bridge.
A.3214Junction with A.302 (Victoria)Junction with A.3215 (Victoria).
A.3215Junction with A.3214 (Victoria)Junction with A.302 (Victoria).
A.3216Junction with A.4 at Knightsbridge.Junction with A.3 (Clapham Common) (excluding the whole of the centre island of Sloane Square).
A.3220Junction with A.3 (Clapham Common).Junction with A.40 (Shepherds Bush).
A.4003Junction with A.5 (Kilburn)Junction with A.407 (Willesden).
A.40O5Junction with A.406 (Alperton)Junction with A.404 (Sudbury).
A.4006Junction with A.409 (Harrow)Junction with A.5 (Hendon).
A.4020Junction with A.40 at Shepherds Bush Green.The boundary of Greater London at Uxbridge.
A.4088Junction with A.407 (Willesden).Junction with A.404 (Sudbury).
A.4090Junction with A.312 (Harrow)Junction with A.410 (Harrow).
A.4127Junction with A.4020 (Southall).Junction with A.404 (Wembley).
A.4140Junction with A.410 (Stan-more).The boundary of Greater London at Bushey.
A.4200Junction with A.4 at AldwychJunction with A.400 (Camden Town).
A.4201Junction with A.4 at Piccadilly Circus.Junction with A.40 at Oxford Circus.
A.4202Junction with A.4 at Hyde Park Corner.Junction with A.40 at Marble Arch.
A.4209Junction with A.5 (Padding-ton).Junction with A.40 (Paddington).
A.5201Junction with A.501 (Finsbury)Junction with A. 10 (Shoreditch).
A.5203Junction with A.501 (King's Cross).Junction with A.1 (Islington).
B.112Junction with A.107 (Hackney)Junction with B.114 (Hackney).
B.113Junction with B.114 and B.116 (Hackney).Junction with A.106 (Hackney).
B.114Junction with B. 112 (Hackney)Junction with B.113 (Hackney).
B.115Junction with A.112 (Leyton)Junction with A.11 (Leyton).
B.124Junction with A. 13 (Poplar)...Millwall Outer Dock Lock.
B.126Junction with A.1211 (Tower Hill).Junction with A.1210 (Tower Hill).
B.164Junction with A.1 12 (Stratford)Junction of Stephenson Street and Manor Road (Canning Town).
B.211Junction with A.206 (Greenwich).Junction with B.210 (Greenwich).
B.212Junction with B.211 (Greenwich).Junction with A.2 (Greenwich).
B.304Junction with A.3212 at Chelsea Embankment.Junction with A.3220 at Battersea Bridge Road.
B.358Junction with B.454 (Southall)Junction with A.3005 (Southall).
B.362Junction with A.315 (Hounslow).Junction with A.314 (Hounslow).
B.454Junction with A.4020 (Southall).Junction with B.358 (Southall).
B.461Junction with B.4566 (Canons Park).Junction with A.410 (Stan-more).
B.4566Junction with A.4088 (Wembley).Junction with B.461 (Harrow).

Part II

Name of RoadFromTo
Hardel Rise (Tulse Hill)Junction with A.205Junction with A.215.
Manor Road (Canning Town).Junction with Stephenson Street.Junction with Star Lane.
Star Lane (Canning Town).Junction with Manor Road.Junction with Liverpool Road.
Liverpool Road (Canning Town).Junction with Star Lane.Junction with A. 13.