Schedule 4Deductions from Rents and other Receipts from Land

Deductions from rents: general rules

4Subject to the provisions of this Schedule, in the case of a lease at a full rent, not being a tenant's repairing lease, there may also be deducted the amount of any payment made in respect of other premises by the person chargeable—

(a)in so far as that amount could be deducted under paragraphs 2 and 3 of this Schedule from rent to which he became entitled in the year of assessment under a lease of those other premises, being a lease at a full rent, or could be so deducted if that rent were not insufficient; or

(b)if any part of the year of assessment is, in respect of those other premises, a void period beginning with the termination of a lease at a full rent, in so far as the amount could be deducted as aforesaid if the lease had continued until the end of that period.