Town and Country Planning Act 1962

  1. Introductory Text

  2. Part I Central and Local Administration

    1. 1.The Minister

    2. 2.Local planning authorities and committees

    3. 3.Delegation of functions of local planning authorities

  3. Part II Development Plans

    1. 4.Surveys of planning areas and preparation of development plans

    2. 5.Approval of development plans

    3. 6.Amendment of development plans

    4. 7.Additional powers of Minister with respect to development plans

    5. 8.Incorporation in development plans of orders and schemes relating to highways and new towns

    6. 9.Modification of development plans in relation to land designated as subject to compulsory acquisition

    7. 10.Supplementary provisions as to development plans

    8. 11.Publication, and date of operation, of development plans

  4. Part III Planning Control

    1. Planning permission

      1. 12.Meaning of "development" and "new development"

      2. 13.Development requiring planning permission

      3. 14.Development orders

      4. 15.Publication of notices of applications for planning permission

      5. 16.Notification of applications for planning permission to owners and agricultural tenants

      6. 17.Determination by local planning authorities of applications for planning permission

      7. 18.Conditional grant of planning permission

      8. 19.Supplementary provisions as to applications for planning permission

      9. 20.Permission to retain buildings or works or continue use of land

      10. 21.Supplementary provisions as to effect of planning permission

    2. Minister's powers in relation to planning applications and decisions

      1. 22.Reference of planning applications to Minister

      2. 23.Appeals against planning decisions

      3. 24.Appeal in default of planning decision

      4. 25.Review of planning decisions where compensation claimed

      5. 26.Supplementary provisions as to review of planning decisions

    3. Revocation or modification of planning permission

      1. 27.Power to revoke or modify planning permission

    4. Additional powers of control

      1. 28.Orders requiring discontinuance of use or alteration or removal of buildings or works

      2. 29.Tree preservation orders

      3. 30.Building preservation orders

      4. 31.Supplementary provisions as to building preservation orders

      5. 32.Lists of buildings of special architectural or historic interest

      6. 33.Effect of inclusion of building in a list under s.32

      7. 34.Control of advertisements

      8. 35.Applications for planning permission not needed for advertisements complying with regulations

      9. 36.Proper maintenance of waste land, etc

      10. 37.Agreements regulating development or use of land

    5. Special provisions as to industrial development

      1. 38.Industrial development certificates

      2. 39.Exemption of certain classes of development

      3. 40.Provision for cases where industrial development certificate withheld

    6. Special provisions as to local authorities and statutory undertakers

      1. 41.Deemed planning permission

      2. 42.Application of planning control to local planning authorities

    7. Supplementary provisions

      1. 43.Applications to determine whether planning permission required

      2. 44.Appeal to independent tribunal

  5. Part IV Enforcement of Planning Control

    1. Enforcement where planning permission required

      1. 45.Power to serve enforcement notices

      2. 46.Appeal to Minister against enforcement notice

      3. 47.Penalties for non-compliance with enforcement notices

      4. 48.Execution by local planning authority of work required by enforcement notice

      5. 49.Supplementary provisions as to enforcement notices

      6. 50.Effect of planning permission on enforcement notice

      7. 51.Enforcement notice to have effect against subsequent development

    2. Enforcement of control in respect of listed buildings

      1. 52.Notice to enforce control under s.33

      2. 53.Appeal to Minister against notice under s.52

      3. 54.Execution by local planning authority of work required by notice under s.52

      4. 55.Supplementary provisions as to notices under s.52

    3. Enforcement of control under section 36

      1. 56.Penalty for non-compliance with notice under s.36

      2. 57.Appeal to magistrates' court against notice under s.36

      3. 58.Further appeal to quarter sessions

      4. 59.Execution by local planning authority of work required by notice under s.36

      5. 60.Supplementary provisions as to notices under s.36

    4. Enforcement in other cases

      1. 61.Enforcement of orders under s.28

      2. 62.Enforcement of tree and building preservation orders

      3. 63.Enforcement of control of advertisements

    5. Supplementary provisions

      1. 64.Supplementary provisions as to appeals to Minister under Part IV

      2. 65.Recovery of expenses of local planning authorities under Part IV

      3. 66.Enforcement in relation to local planning authorities

  6. Part V Acquisition and Appropriation of Land and Provisions related thereto

    1. Acquisition and appropriation of land

      1. 67.Compulsory acquisition of designated land

      2. 68.Compulsory acquisition of land for development

      3. 69.Compulsory acquisition of building comprised in building preservation order

      4. 70.Extinguishment of rights over land compulsorily acquired

      5. 71.Acquisition of land by agreement

      6. 72.Acquisition of land for purposes of exchange

      7. 73.Appropriation of land for planning purposes

    2. Expedited completion of compulsory acquisition

      1. 74.Order providing for expedited completion

      2. 75.General effect of order providing for expedited completion

      3. 76.Special provisions as to certain tenancies

    3. Powers exercisable in relation to land held for planning purposes, and other related powers

      1. 77.Appropriation of land held for planning purposes

      2. 78.Disposal of land held for planning purposes

      3. 79.Development of land held for planning purposes

      4. 80.Special provisions as to features and buildings of architectural or historic interest

      5. 81.Power to override easements and other rights

      6. 82.Use and development of consecrated land and burial grounds

      7. 83.Use and development of land for open spaces

      8. 84.Displacement of persons from land acquired or appropriated

      9. 85.Constitution of joint body to hold land acquired for planning purposes

    4. Supplementary provisions

      1. 86.Modification of incorporated enactments for purposes of Part V

      2. 87.Interpretation of Part V

  7. Part VI Compensation for Planning Decisions Restricting New Development

    1. Unexpended balance of established development value

      1. 88.Scope of Part VI

      2. 89.Derivation of unexpended balance from claims under Part VI of Act of 1947

      3. 90.Original unexpended balance of established development value

      4. 91.Claim holdings, their areas and values

      5. 92.Adjustment of claim holdings

      6. 93.General provision for continuance of original unexpended balance

      7. 94.Reduction or extinguishment of balance in consequence of compensation

      8. 95.Reduction or extinguishment of balance on initiation of new development

      9. 96.Reduction or extinguishment of balance on acquisition of land under compulsory powers

      10. 97.Reduction or extinguishment of balance in consequence of severance or injurious affection

      11. 98.Supplementary provisions as to deductions from original balance

      12. 99.Provision of information relating to unexpended balance

    2. Right to compensation

      1. 100.General provision as to right to compensation

      2. 101.Planning decisions not ranking for compensation

      3. 102.No compensation if certain other development permitted

      4. 103.Further exclusions from compensation

      5. 104.Grant of planning permission treated as subject to notional condition

      6. 105.Notice under s.40 treated as planning decision

    3. Measure of compensation

      1. 106.General provisions as to amount of compensation

      2. 107.Assessment of depreciation

    4. Claims for, and payment of, compensation

      1. 108.General provisions as to claims for compensation

      2. 109.Effect on claims of direction under s.25

      3. 110.Determination of claims

      4. 111.Payment of compensation

    5. Subsequent recovery of compensation

      1. 112.Apportionment and registration of compensation

      2. 113.Recovery of compensation on subsequent development

      3. 114.Amount recoverable, and provisions for payment or remission thereof

      4. 115.Amount recovered not to be deducted from unexpended balance

    6. Supplementary provisions

      1. 116.Mortgages, rentcharges and settlements

      2. 117.Calculation of value

  8. Part VII Compensation for other Planning Restrictions

    1. Revocation or modification of planning permission

      1. 118.Compensation where planning permission revoked or modified

      2. 119.Application of s.118 to special cases of refusal or conditional grant of planning permission

      3. 120.Registration and apportionment of compensation for depreciation

      4. 121.Exchequer contribution towards compensation in certain cases

      5. 122.Recovery, on subsequent development, of compensation under s.118

    2. Other restrictions

      1. 123.Compensation for planning decisions restricting development other than new development

      2. 124.Compensation in respect of orders under s.28

      3. 125.Compensation in respect of tree and building preservation orders

      4. 126.Compensation for restrictions on advertising

    3. Supplementary provisions

      1. 127.General provisions as to compensation for depreciation under Part VII

      2. 128.Determination of claims for compensation

  9. Part VIII Provisions Enabling Owner to Require Purchase of his Interest

    1. Interests affected by planning decisions or orders

      1. 129.Purchase notice on refusal or conditional grant of planning permission

      2. 130.Action by council on whom purchase notice is served

      3. 131.Procedure on reference of purchase notice to Minister

      4. 132.Action by Minister in relation to purchase notice

      5. 133.Effect of Minister's action in relation to purchase notice

      6. 134.Special provisions as to compensation where purchase notice served

      7. 135.Purchase notice in respect of order revoking or modifying planning permission

      8. 136.Purchase notice in respect of order requiring discontinuance of use or alteration or removal of buildings or works

      9. 137.Purchase notices in other cases

    2. Interests of owner-occupiers affected by planning proposals

      1. 138.Scope of these provisions

      2. 139.Notice requiring purchase of claimant's interest

      3. 140.Objection to notice requiring purchase of claimant's interest

      4. 141.Reference of objection to Lands Tribunal

      5. 142.Effect of valid notice requiring purchase

      6. 143.Compensation for acquisition in pursuance of notice requiring purchase

      7. 144.Withdrawal of notice requiring purchase

      8. 145.Effect on powers of compulsory acquisition of counter-notice disclaiming intention to acquire

      9. 146.Death of claimant after service of notice requiring purchase

      10. 147."Appropriate authority" for purposes of these provisions

      11. 148."Appropriate enactment" for purposes of these provisions

      12. 149.Meaning of "owner-occupier" and "resident owner-occupier"

      13. 150.General interpretation of these provisions

      14. 151.Special provisions as to partnerships

    3. Supplementary provisions

      1. 152.No withdrawal of constructive notice to treat

  10. Part IX Highways

    1. 153.Stopping up and diversion of highways

    2. 154.Procedure in relation to orders under s.153

    3. 155.Extinguishment of public rights of way over land held for planning purposes

    4. 156.Compulsory acquisition of land in connection with highways

    5. 157.Concurrent proceedings in connection with highways

    6. 158.Provisions as to telegraphic lines

  11. Part X Statutory Undertakers

    1. General provisions

      1. 159.Planning permission to develop operational land

      2. 160.Development requiring authorisation of government department

      3. 161.Revocation or modification of permission to develop operational land

      4. 162.Order requiring discontinuance of use etc. of operational land

      5. 163.Acquisition of land of statutory undertakers

      6. 164.Extinguishment of rights of way, and rights as to apparatus, of statutory undertakers

      7. 165.Orders under s.164

      8. 166.Extension or modification of functions of statutory undertakers

      9. 167.Procedure in relation to orders under s.166

      10. 168.Relief of statutory undertakers from obligations rendered impracticable

      11. 169.Objections to orders under ss.166 and 168

    2. Compensation

      1. 170.Right to compensation in respect of certain decisions and orders

      2. 171.Measure of compensation to statutory undertakers

      3. 172.Exclusion of s.171 at option of statutory undertakers

      4. 173.Procedure for assessing compensation where s.171 applies

    3. Supplementary provisions

      1. 174.Special provisions as to display of advertisements on operational land

      2. 175.Special provisions as to statutory undertakers who are local planning authorities

  12. Part XI Validity of Planning Instruments and Decisions, and Proceedings Relating Thereto

    1. 176.Validity of development plans and of certain orders, decisions and directions

    2. 177.Validity of enforcement notices and similar notices

    3. 178.Proceedings for questioning validity of development plans and of orders under ss.153 and 168

    4. 179.Proceedings for questioning validity of other orders, decisions and directions

    5. 180.Appeals to High Court relating to enforcement notices and similar notices

    6. 181.Appeals to High Court against decisions under s.43

    7. 182.Special provision as to decisions relating to statutory undertakers

    8. 183.Special provisions as to orders subject to special parliamentary procedure

  13. Part XII Financial Provisions

    1. 184.Exchequer grants to local authorities

    2. 185.Maximum amounts of grants

    3. 186.Supplementary provisions as to Exchequer grants

    4. 187.Loans to local authorities

    5. 188.Contributions by Ministers towards compensation paid by local authorities

    6. 189.Contributions by local authorities and statutory undertakers

    7. 190.Recovery from acquiring authorities of sums paid by way of compensation

    8. 191.Recovery from acquiring authorities of sums paid in respect of war-damaged land

    9. 192.Sums recoverable from acquiring authorities reckonable for purposes of grant

    10. 193.Expenses of government departments

    11. 194.Repayment of sums issued out of Consolidated Fund in respect of certain payments

    12. 195.General provision as to receipts of Minister

    13. 196.Expenses of county councils

  14. Part XIII Application of Act to Special Cases

    1. Minerals

      1. 197.Power to modify Act in relation to minerals

      2. 198.Modification of Mines (Working Facilities and Support) Act, 1923

    2. Crown land

      1. 199.Exercise of powers in relation to Crown land

      2. 200.Agreements relating to Crown land

      3. 201.Supplementary provisions as to Crown and Duchy interests

    3. London and Isles of Stilly

      1. 202.Application of Act to London

      2. 203.Application of Act to Isles of Scilly

    4. Other special cases

      1. 204.National Coal Board

      2. 205.Ecclesiastical property

      3. 206.Settled land, and land of universities and colleges

  15. Part XIV Miscellaneous and Supplementary Provisions

    1. 207.Default powers of Minister

    2. 208.Recovery, on subsequent development, of payments in respect of war-damaged land

    3. 209.Development charges

    4. 210.Temporary provisions pending operation of development plans

    5. 211.Rights of entry

    6. 212.Supplementary provisions as to rights of entry

    7. 213.Local inquiries

    8. 214.Service of notices

    9. 215.Power to require information as to interests in land

    10. 216.Combined applications

    11. 217.Regulations and orders

    12. 218.Exercise of functions of Board of Trade

    13. 219.Licensing planning areas

    14. 220.Act not excluded by special enactments

    15. 221.Interpretation

    16. 222.Consequential amendments

    17. 223.Savings, transitional provisions and repeals

    18. 224.Saving for Interpretation Act, 1889, s.38

    19. 225.Commencement

    20. 226.Short title and extent

    1. First Schedule

      Joint planning boards

    2. Second Schedule

      Planning committees and joint advisory committees

    3. Third Schedule

      Development not constituting new development

    4. Fourth Schedule

      Further provisions with respect to orders providing for expedited completion

    5. Fifth Schedule

      Adjustment of claim holdings

    6. Sixth Schedule

      Calculation of value of previous development of land

    7. Seventh Schedule

      Apportionment of unexpended balance of established development value

    8. Eighth Schedule

      Provisions of Act referred to in sections 187, 196, 197, 203 to 205, 215 and 217

    9. Ninth Schedule

      Provisions relating to London

    10. Tenth Schedule

      Development charges

    11. Eleventh Schedule

      Enactments excepted from s.217(5)

    12. Twelfth Schedule

      Enactments amended

    13. Thirteenth Schedule

      Savings and transitional provisions relating to enactments previously repealed

    14. Fourteenth Schedule

      Further savings and transitional provisions

    15. Fifteenth Schedule

      Enactments repealed