Housing Act 1957

  1. Introductory Text

  2. Part I General Provisions as respects Local Authorities

    1. 1.Local authorities for purposes of this Act

    2. 2.Approval by Minister of proposals for exercise of local authorities' functions under Parts II and III

    3. 3.Duty of local authority to inspect district and keep records

  3. Part II Provisions for securing the repair, maintenance and sanitary condition of houses

    1. Definition of Standard of Fitness

      1. 4.Matters to be taken into account in determining whether a house is unfit

      2. 5.Prohibition of back-to-back houses

    2. Obligation of Lessors of Small Houses

      1. 6.Conditions to be implied on the letting of small houses

      2. 7.Application of foregoing section to houses occupied by agricultural workers otherwise than as tenants

      3. 8.Information to be given to tenants of working-class houses

    3. Unfit premises capable of repair at reasonable cost

      1. 9.Power of local authority to require repair of unfit house

      2. 10.Enforcement of notice requiring execution of works

      3. 11.Right of appeal

      4. 12.Power of local authority to buy house found on appeal not to be capable of repair at reasonable cost

      5. 13.Recovery by lessees of proportion of cost of execution of works

      6. 14.Charging orders in favour of owner executing works

      7. 15.Form, effect, etc. of charging orders

    4. Unfit premises beyond repair at reasonable cost

      1. 16.Power of local authority to accept undertaking as to reconstruction or use of unfit house

      2. 17.Duty of local authority to make demolition or closing order or to purchase house where no undertaking is accepted

      3. 18.Power to make a closing order as to part of a building

      4. 19.Service of notice of demolition or closing order or intention to purchase

      5. 20.Right of appeal against demolition order, etc.

      6. 21.Content of demolition order

      7. 22.Demolition orders: recovery of possession of building to be demolished

      8. 23.Demolition orders: enforcement

      9. 24.Demolition orders: power to permit reconstruction of condemned house

      10. 25.Demolition orders: cleansing before demolition

      11. 26.Demolition orders: substitution of closing order in case of house included in building preservation order, etc.

      12. 27.Closing orders: general provisions

      13. 28.Closing orders: substitution of demolition order

      14. 29.Provisions as to purchase of condemned houses

      15. 30.Payments in respect of condemned houses which have been well maintained

      16. 31.Temporary provisions for payments to owner-occupiers and others

      17. 32.Payments to persons displaced

    5. Protection of owners

      1. 33.Provisions for protection of owners of houses

    6. Transitory provisions as respects existing demolition orders

      1. 34.Temporary occupation of houses subject to existing demolition orders

      2. 35.Retention of houses subject to existing demolition orders and required to support other buildings

    7. Houses let in lodgings

      1. 36.Power to require execution of works or reduction of number of occupants of house

    8. Supplemental

      1. 37.Date of operation of notices, demands and orders subject to appeal

      2. 38.Provisions as to appeals under Part II

      3. 39.Interpretation of Part II

      4. 40.Saving for certain restrictions in Part III

      5. 41.Local authority for Part II in London

  4. Part III Clearance and Re-development

    1. Clearance Areas

      1. 42.Power to declare an area to be a clearance area

      2. 43.Method of dealing with clearance area

      3. 44.Clearance orders: general provisions

      4. 45.Clearance orders: recovery of possession of buildings to be demolished

      5. 46.Clearance orders: temporary retention of houses let to local authorities

      6. 47.Treatment of land acquired by local authority

      7. 48.Temporary retention of unfit houses acquired by local authority

      8. 49.Provisions with respect to property originally belonging to a local authority

      9. 50.Arrangements where acquisition of land in a clearance area found to be unnecessary

      10. 51.Power of local authority to purchase cleared land which owners have failed to re-develop

      11. 52.Local authority for clearance areas in London

    2. Transitory provisions as respects houses in clearance areas

      1. 53.Temporary occupation of houses subject to existing clearance orders

      2. 54.Power to purchase buildings subject to existing clearance orders

    3. Re-development Areas

      1. 55.Duty of local authority to secure re-development

      2. 56.Re-development plan

      3. 57.Purchase of land for purposes of re-development

      4. 58.Local authority for re-development areas in London

    4. General provisions as to land affected by provisions of Part III

      1. 59.Compensation for land purchased compulsorily

      2. 60.Payments in respect of well maintained houses

      3. 61.Temporary provisions for payments to owner-occupiers and others

      4. 62.Power of entry on land to be purchased by agreement under Part III or appropriated for the purposes of clearance areas

      5. 63.Power of local authority to make allowances to persons displaced

      6. 64.Extinguishment of rights of way, easements, etc.

      7. 65.Provisions as to apparatus of statutory undertakers

      8. 66.Power to construct streets in clearance areas in London

    5. Costs of opposing orders, etc.

      1. 67.Provisions as to costs of persons opposing orders and as to costs of Minister

    6. Re-development and re-conditioning by owners

      1. 68.Re-development by owners

      2. 69.Certificates as to condition of houses

      3. 70.Re-development, &c, by owners: excepted cases

      4. 71.Local authority for re-development, etc., by owners in London

    7. Demolition of obstructive buildings

      1. 72.Power of local authority to order demolition of obstructive building

      2. 73.Recovery of possession of building subject to demolition order under Part III

      3. 74.Effect of order for demolition of obstructive building

      4. 75.Local authority for demolition of obstructive buildings in London

  5. Part IV Abatement of Overcrowding

    1. General provisions

      1. 76.Duty of local authority to inspect and to make reports and proposals as to overcrowding

      2. 77.Definition of overcrowding

      3. 78.Offences in relation to overcrowding

      4. 79.Power of Minister to increase the permitted number temporarily to meet exceptional conditions

      5. 80.Power of local authority to authorise the temporary use of a house by persons in excess of the permitted number

      6. 81.Entries in rent books, information and certificates with respect to the permitted number

      7. 82.Information as to rights and duties as respects overcrowding

      8. 83.Duty of landlord to inform local authority of overcrowding

      9. 84.Right of landlord to obtain possession of overcrowded house

      10. 85.Enforcement of Part IV

      11. 86.Duty of medical officers to furnish particulars of overcrowding

      12. 87.Definitions for purposes of Part IV

      13. 88.Local authority for overcrowding in London

      14. 89.Contributions by London County Council to expenses in relation to overcrowding

    2. Overcrowding in houses let in lodgings

      1. 90.Overcrowding in houses let in lodgings

  6. Part V Provision of housing accommodation

    1. General powers and duties of local authorities

      1. 91.Periodical review of housing conditions by local authorities

      2. 92.Mode of provision of accommodation

      3. 93.Supplementary powers of providing buildings or land in connection with provision of accommodation

      4. 94.Power to provide furniture

      5. 95.Power to provide board and laundry facilities

      6. 96.Power of local authority to acquire land for provision of accommodation

      7. 97.Procedure for acquiring land

      8. 98.Continuance of tenancies of houses compulsorily acquired and to be used for housing purposes

      9. 99.Appropriation of land for provision of accommodation

      10. 100.Power to make allowances to persons displaced by purchase under Part V

      11. 101.Power of entry on land to be purchased by agreement or appropriated for the purposes of Part V

      12. 102.Land in New Forest

      13. 103.Power to acquire water rights for houses provided

      14. 104.Power of disposing of houses provided under Part V

      15. 105.Other powers of dealing with land acquired or appropriated for provision of accommodation

      16. 106.Power of Minister to impose conditions on sale of houses and land

      17. 107.Powers relating to development of land

      18. 108.Execution of works in connection with housing operation by local authority outside their own area

      19. 109.Responsibility for roads constructed by local authority outside their own area

      20. 110.Adjustment of differences between local authorities as to carrying out proposals

    2. Management, &c, of local authority's houses

      1. 111.General responsibility for local authority's houses

      2. 112.Byelaws for regulation of local authority's houses

      3. 113.Conditions to be observed in management of local authority's houses

      4. 114.Reservation of houses for agricultural population

      5. 115.Power to establish Housing Management Commissions

    3. Special provisions for rural districts

      1. 116.Responsibility of county councils in respect of housing conditions in rural districts

      2. 117.Agreements by county council for assisting rural district councils in provision of accommodation

      3. 118.Minister's power to assist rural district councils by acquiring land and erecting houses

    4. Housing associations

      1. 119.Power of local authorities and county councils to promote and assist housing associations

      2. 120.Arrangements with housing associations for provision of housing

      3. 121.Arrangements with housing associations for improvement of housing

      4. 122.Power of local authorities to sell furniture to persons housed by housing associations

      5. 123.Unification of conditions affecting housing associations' houses

      6. 124.Power of Minister to recognise central housing association

    5. Development corporations

      1. 125.Provision of housing accommodation by development corporations

    6. Miscellaneous

      1. 126.Power of county councils to provide houses for their employees

      2. 127.Power of companies, &c, to provide houses for working classes

      3. 128.Trusts for provision of houses for working classes

      4. 129.Power of corporate bodies to sell or let land for housing purposes

      5. 130.Power of water and gas companies to supply on favourable terms

      6. 131.Exercise of Public Health Act powers for purposes of Part V

    7. Provisions as to London

      1. 132.Local authority for Part V in London other than City

      2. 133.Exercise by local authorities in London of certain powers for the purposes of Part V

    8. Scilly Isles

      1. 134.Provision of housing accommodation in Isles of Scilly

  7. Part VI Financial Provisions

    1. Expenses of local authorities

      1. 135.Expenses of rural district councils and county councils

    2. Borrowing

      1. 136.Power of local authorities to borrow for purposes of Act

      2. 137.Borrowing in connection with operations carried out by local authority outside its own area

      3. 138.Power to issue local housing bonds

      4. 139.Loans by Public Works Loan Commissioners to local authorities

      5. 140.Power of local authorities to lend to other authorities

    3. Subscription to local savings committees

      1. 141.Subscriptions by local authorities to local savings committees

    4. Capital moneys

      1. 142.Application of purchase money, etc.

  8. Part VII General

    1. Central Housing Advisory Committee

      1. 143.Central Housing Advisory Committee

    2. Re-housing

      1. 144.Re-housing obligations of undertakers

    3. Provisions as to building byelaws, &c

      1. 145.Building byelaws not to apply to certain buildings

      2. 146.Relaxation of Building Acts or byelaws in London

      3. 147.Power of Minister to prescribe a code of byelaws for new streets

      4. 148.Power of Minister to revoke unreasonable byelaws

    4. Provisions as to acquisition, &c. of Land

      1. 149.Protection of amenities of locality, &c

      2. 150.Provisions as to commons and open spaces

      3. 151.Power of local authorities to enforce covenants against owner for the time being of land

      4. 152.Compensation in certain cases of subsidence

      5. 153.Donations for housing purposes

    5. Procedure of local authorities: Official representations

      1. 154.Joint action by local authorities

      2. 155.Buildings situated in districts of more than one local authority

      3. 156.References by local authority to Public Health and Housing Committee

      4. 157.Official representations

    6. Recovery of possession, entry, &c

      1. 158.Recovery of possession of controlled houses

      2. 159.Power of entry for inspection, &c

      3. 160.Penalty for obstructing execution of Act

      4. 161.Penalty for preventing execution of repairs, &c

    7. Powers of the court for housing purposes

      1. 162.Power of court to determine lease where premises demolished

      2. 163.Power of court to authorise owner to execute works on default of another owner

      3. 164.Power of court to authorise examination of works on unfit premises or for improvement

      4. 165.Power of court to authorise conversion of houses into several tenements

    8. Notices, orders, &c

      1. 166.Authentication of orders, notices, &c

      2. 167.Authentication of certificates

      3. 168.Service of notices, &c., on local authorities

      4. 169.Service of notices, &c, on persons other than local authorities

      5. 170.Power of local authority to require information as to ownership of premises

    9. Default of local authorities

      1. 171.Powers of county council and Minister in the event of default of rural district council

      2. 172.Powers of Minister in event of default by county council in the exercise of transferred powers

      3. 173.Power of Minister in the event of default of local authority other than rural district council

      4. 174.Provisions as to orders directing county council to perform obligations of urban district council

      5. 175.Provisions as to exercise by Minister of powers of a local authority

      6. 176.Power to vary and revoke certain orders relating to defaults

      7. 177.Power of London County Council in the event of default of metropolitan borough council

    10. General Powers of Minister

      1. 178.Power of Minister to prescribe forms, etc.

      2. 179.Dispensation with advertisements and notices

      3. 180.Provisions as to orders made by Minister

      4. 181.Local inquiries and reports

      5. 182.Arrangements between the Minister and other Departments

    11. Miscellaneous provisions as to London

      1. 183.Relations between local authorities in London

      2. 184.Agreements between the London County Council and other authorities in London

      3. 185.Agreements between the London County Council and neighbouring authorities as to provision of houses

      4. 186.Provisions as to medical officers of health in London

      5. 187.Provisions as to City of London

  9. Part VIII Supplemental

    1. 188.Powers of Act to be cumulative

    2. 189.Interpretation

    3. 190.Consequential amendments

    4. 191.Repeal and savings

    5. 192.Construction of references to this Act and to enactments repealed

    6. 193.Short title, commencement and extent


      Compulsory Purchase of Land under Part II

      1. 1.(1) The Acquisition of Land (Authorisation Procedure) Act, 1946, shall...

      2. 2.(1) A notice relating to a compulsory purchase of land...

      3. 3.Where a local authority are authorised under Part II of...


      Payments in respect of Unfit Houses

      1. Part I Ascertainment of Amount Payable for Well-maintained Houses

        1. 1.The payment in respect of a house under section thirty...

        2. 2.(1) The payment shall be of an amount equal either—...

        3. 3.(1) In the foregoing provisions of this Schedule "the appropriate...

      2. Part II Payments to Owner-Occupiers and others in respect of Unfit Houses Purchased or Demolished

        1. Private dwellings

          1. 4.(1) This paragraph shall have effect where at any time...

          2. 5.(1) Where a payment falls to be made under .the...

        2. Business premises

          1. 6.(1) This paragraph shall have effect where on or after...

        3. Interpretation

          1. 7.(1) For the purposes of this Part of this Schedule,...


      Compulsory Purchase of Land under Part III

      1. Part I Procedure for Authorising Compulsory Purchases

        1. General

          1. 1.(1) A compulsory purchase order under Part III of this...

          2. 2.(1) Before submitting the order to the Minister the local...

        2. Procedure for orders for the compulsory purchase of land within, surrounded by or adjoining a clearance area

          1. 3.(1) The provisions of this paragraph shall have effect with...

          2. 4.(1) An order as confirmed by the Minister under the...

        3. Procedure for orders for compulsory purchase of land for purposes of re-development

          1. 5.(1) The provisions of this paragraph shall have effect with...

          2. 6.An order as confirmed by the Minister under the last...

      2. Part II Incorporation of Enactments

        1. 7.(1) A compulsory purchase order under Part III of this...

        2. 8.(1) The modifications subject to which the Lands Clauses Acts...

        3. 9.Where a local authority have been authorised by an order...

        4. 10.Where a local authority are authorised to purchase compulsorily any...

      3. Part III Rules as to the Assessment of Compensation where Land Purchased otherwise than at Site Value

        1. 1.If the tribunal by whom the compensation is to be...

        2. 2.If the tribunal are satisfied that any premises are in...

        3. 3.The local authority may tender evidence as to the matters...

        4. 4.The tribunal shall have regard to and make an allowance...

        5. 5.In assessing compensation for premises purchased under section fifty-seven of...

        6. 6.The tribunal shall embody in their award a statement showing...


      Validity and Date of Operation of Certain Orders under Part III

      1. 1.So soon as may be after a compulsory purchase order...

      2. 2.If any person aggrieved by such an order as aforesaid,...

      3. 3.Subject to the provisions of the last foregoing paragraph, the...

      4. 4.Except by leave of the Court of Appeal, no appeal...

      5. 5.So soon as may be after a compulsory purchase order...


      Clearance Orders

      1. 1.A clearance order shall be in the prescribed form and...

      2. 2.There shall be excluded from the order any houses or...

      3. 3.(1) Before submitting the order to the Minister the local...

      4. 4.So soon as may be after the required notices have...

      5. 5.(1) If no objection is duly made by any of...

      6. 6.(1) An order as confirmed under this Schedule shall not...


      Number of Persons permitted to use a House for Sleeping

      1. Table I

      2. Table II


      Compulsory Purchase of Land under Part V

      1. 1.(1) The Acquisition of Land (Authorisation Procedure) Act, 1946, shall...

      2. 2.(1) In the case of a compulsory purchase under Part...


      Local Housing Bonds

      1. 1.Local bonds shall— (a) be secured upon all the rates,...

      2. 2.Local bonds shall be exempt from stamp duty under the...

      3. 3.The provisions of section one hundred and fifteen of the...

      4. 4.A local authority shall, in the case of any person...

      5. 5.Local bonds issued by a local authority shall be accepted...

      6. 6.The Minister may, with the approval of the Treasury, by...

      7. 7.For the purposes of this Schedule the expression " local...


      Rehousing by Undertakers

      1. 1.If in the administrative county of London or in any...

      2. 2.The housing scheme shall make provision for the accommodation of...

      3. 3.(1) Provision may be made by the housing scheme for...

      4. 4.The housing scheme shall provide that any land acquired under...

      5. 5.If the Minister does not hold a local inquiry with...

      6. 6.The Minister may, as a condition of his approval of...

      7. 7.Before approving any scheme the Minister may, if he thinks...

      8. 8.If the undertakers enter on any dwellings in contravention of...

      9. 9.If the undertakers fail to carry out any provision of...

      10. 10.The Minister may, on the application of the undertakers, modify...

      11. 11.For the purposes of this Schedule— (a) the expression "...


      Adaptation of References to Enactments in Housing Acts

      1. The Local Government Act, 1933 (23 & 24 Geo. 5 c. 51)

      2. The County Courts Act, 1934 (24 & 25 Geo. 5 c. 53)

      3. The London Government Act, 1939 (2 & 3 Geo. 6 c. 40)

      4. The Town and Country Planning Act, 1944 (7 & 8 Geo. 6 c. 47)

      5. The Housing Repairs and Rents Act, 1954 (2 & 3 Eliz. 2 c. 53)

      6. The Requisitioned Houses and Housing (Amendment) Act, 1955 (3 & 4 Eliz. 2 c. 24)

      7. The Rent Act, 1957 (5 & 6 Eliz. 2 c. 25)



      1. Table of Statutes referred to in this Act