7Restrictions on importation of certain wild birds and eggs

(1)Save as may be authorised by a licence granted under section ten of this Act, the importation of any of the following is hereby prohibited, that is to say—

(a)any common quail, whether five or dead ;

(b)during the period in any year commencing with the first day of February and ending with the thirty-first day of August, any dead wild bird, being a bird included in the Third Schedule to this Act or a wild duck or wild goose, whether or not so included ;

(c)any dead lapwing or, on or after the fifteenth day of April in any year, the eggs of any lapwing.

(2)The Secretary of State may by order—

(a)extend the period referred to in paragraph (b) of the foregoing subsection with respect to, or prohibit entirely, save as may be authorised by such a licence as aforesaid, the importation of, all or any of the birds to which that paragraph applies ;

(b)prohibit, save as may be authorised by such a licence as aforesaid, the importation of all or any other dead wild birds, or of all or any other live wild birds, or of the eggs (including the blown eggs) of any other wild bird, for the whole or any specified part of the year.

(3)Where by virtue of this section or any order made thereunder any live bird has been seized as liable to forfeiture under the Customs and Excise Act, 1952, the Seventh Schedule to that Act (which relates to proceedings for forfeiture) shall not apply, but, if the Commissioners of Customs and Excise are satisfied that the bird has been imported in contravention of this section or of any order made thereunder, the bird shall be deemed to have been duly condemned as forfeited and no claim for compensation shall lie against the said Commissioners or any officer of customs and excise in respect thereof.