Part IIIRegistration of Charges

Registration of Charges with Registrar of Companies

98Register of charges to be kept by registrar of companies

(1)The registrar of companies shall keep, with respect to each company, a register in the prescribed form of all the charges requiring registration under this Part of this Act, and shall, on payment of such fee as may be specified by regulations made by the Board of Trade, enter in the register with respect to such charges the following particulars:—

(a)in the case of a charge to the benefit of which the holders of a series of debentures are entitled, such particulars as are specified in subsection (8) of section ninety-five of this Act;

(b)in the case of any other charge—

(i)if the charge is a charge created by the company, the date of its creation, and if the charge was a charge existing on property acquired by the company; the date of the acquisition of the property; and

(ii)the amount secured by the charge; and

(iii)short particulars of the property charged; and

(iv)the persons entitled to the charge.

(2)The registrar shall give a certificate under his hand of the registration of any charge registered in pursuance of this Part of this Act, stating the amount thereby secured, and the certificate shall be conclusive evidence that the requirements of this Part of this Act as to registration have been complied with.

(3)The register kept in pursuance of this section shall be open to inspection by any person on payment of such fee, not exceeding one shilling for each inspection as may be specified by regulations made by the Board of Trade.

(4)The powers to make regulations conferred by this section on the Board of Trade shall be exercisable by statutory instrument which shall be subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of either House of Parliament.