Firearms and Imitation Firearms (Criminal Use) Act 1933

3General provisions as to offences under Act

(1)If on the trial of an indictment for an offence under section one of this Act the jury are not satisfied that the defendant is guilty of that offence but are satisfied that he is guilty of an offence under section two of this Act, the jury may find the defendant guilty of the offence under the said section two, and thereupon he shall be liable to be punished accordingly.

(2)Where an adult within the meaning of section twenty-four of the Criminal Justice Act, 1925, is charged before a court of summary jurisdiction with an offence specified in the Second Schedule to that Act, and is also charged before that court with an offence under section one or section two of this Act, then, notwithstanding anything in the said section twenty-four, the court shall not have power to deal summarily with the first-mentioned offence if the defendant is committed for trial in respect of the offence under this Act.