Lunacy Regulation (Ireland) Act 1871

  1. Introductory Text

  2. 1.Title of Act.

  3. 2.Interpretation of terms.

  4. 3.The clerk of the custodies to be styled the registrar in lunacy; his duties and salary.

  5. 4.Copies of medical certificates, &c. certifying as to lunacy to be transmitted to registrar.

  6. 5.Manager, &c. of asylum, on receiving any lunatic, &c. to make return.

  7. 6.Persons treating any other as lunatic, &c. to make return.

  8. 7.Persons making wilfully false returns to be guilty of perjury.

  9. 8.Persons neglecting to make return to be subject to penalty.

  10. 9.No penalty to be exacted in case of unavoidable accident.

  11. 10.Penalties under the Act how recovered.

  12. 11.Medical visitors may be ordered to visit alleged lunatic, and report.

  13. 12.Inquiry may be ordered on the report of visitor.

  14. 13.Alleged lunatic within jurisdiction to have notice, and may demand an inquiry before a jury.

  15. 14.Where alleged lunatic demands a jury, Lord Chancellor may examine him as to competency, and order a jury.

  16. 15.Cases where a jury may be dispensed with.

  17. 16.Issue of lunacy may be sent to a common law court, &c.

  18. 17.Order of Lord Chancellor or certificate of judge to be deemed an inquisition.

  19. 18.Jury to be had if lunatic out of jurisdiction.

  20. 19.Inquiry not to be carried back, except under special order.

  21. 20.Last five sections not to apply to pending petitions.

  22. 21.Nothing to preclude the Lord Chancellor from issuing a special commission.

  23. 22.Inquiry by legal visitors may be directed.

  24. 23.Evidence may be oral, &c.

  25. 24.Lord Chancellor or master may administer oath.

  26. 25.Swearing of affidavits in the colonies, &c.

  27. 26.Form of affidavits.

  28. 27.Short form of affidavit for verification of documents, as in schedule.

  29. 28.Witnesses maybe cross-examined orally.

  30. 29.Masters may issue advertisements.

  31. 30.Lord Chancellor may authorise payment or transfer into court of money or stock as security for receiver.

  32. 31.Grant of custody may be extended to surviving committees in certain cases.

  33. 32.Master to allow items, subject to appeal to Lord Chancellor.

  34. 33.Lord Chancellor may dispense with attendance of next of kin.

  35. 34.In cases of members of same family, proceedings may be consolidated, and evidence interchanged.

  36. 35.Master may direct times, &c. of proceeding before him.

  37. 36.Master to inquire into delays.

  38. 37.Master may disallow costs.

  39. 38.Documents not to be of unnecessary length.

  40. 39.Master may report decision pending inquiry.

  41. 40.Form of reports.

  42. 41.Reports to be filed with registrar in lunacy only.

  43. 42.Objections to report may be brought in.

  44. 43.No petition against confirmation, but objections to be brought forward on petition for confirmation.

  45. 44.Reports not objected to may be confirmed without petition.

  46. 45.Such reports to contain consequential directions, and fiat of Lord Chancellor to give them operation of orders.

  47. 46.Cases in which reports shall not be confirmed without petition.

  48. 47.Form of Orders.

  49. 48.Orders to be entered by the registrar, and office copies to be furnished and signed by him.

  50. 49.Money orders to be acted upon by Accountant General as if drawn up by the Registrar of the Court of Chancery.

  51. 50.Persons forging the signature or seal of the registrar guilty of felony.

  52. 51.Notwithstanding the death of lunatic, the Lord Chancellor's control over his estate to continue.

  53. 52.Upon death of lunatic the committee to bring in statement of facts.

  54. 53.Master may open and deliver out will.

  55. 54.Report upon the death of lunatic not to be confirmed save by order of the Lord Chancellor.

  56. 55.Order by the Lord Chancellor upon any such report.

  57. Visiting

  58. Traverse

  59. General Orders

    1. Schedule I

    2. Schedule II

      1. Short Form of Affidavit In the Matter of A.B., a...