SCHEDULE 2The Letchworth Commissioner

Part IAdministrative provisions

Appointment and disqualifications

1The Letchworth Commissioner shall be appointed for a term of five years and may not be appointed for more than two terms.

2The Letchworth Commissioner may not be relieved of office save at his own request or on grounds of incapacity or misbehaviour and shall in any case vacate office on completing the year of service in which he attains the age of seventy years.

3A person shall be disqualified for being appointed as, or for being, the Letchworth Commissioner if he is or has been—

(a)a Governor of the Heritage Foundation;

(b)an officer or employee of the Heritage Foundation;

(c)a resident of Letchworth Garden City;

(d)engaged in carrying on any trade or business in Letchworth Garden City, or employed in such a trade or business, provided in either case that he is or was for that purpose actually in occupation of, or employed at, premises in Letchworth Garden City; or

(e)interested in any contract with the Heritage Foundation either in his own behalf or as a member of any company, local authority or other body.

4Any person appointed to be the Letchworth Commissioner shall be disqualified for being a Governor or officer of the Heritage Foundation.