Tay Road Bridge Order Confirmation Act 1991 (c. iv)

  1. Introductory Text

  2. 1.Confirmation of Order in Schedule

  3. 2.Short title


      Tay Road Bridge

      1. Part I Preliminary

        1. 1.Short title.

        2. 2.Interpretation.

      2. Part II Establishment and constitutionof Joint Board

        1. 3.Establishment and constitution of Joint Board, etc.

        2. 4.Saving for former Joint Board.

      3. Part III Officers

        1. 5.Appointment of clerk, treasurer, etc.

        2. 6.Appointment of deputes.

        3. 7.Member of Joint Board or council not to be appointed officer.

        4. 8.Security to be given by officers.

        5. 9.Disclosure by officers of interests in contracts.

        6. 10.Superannuation.

        7. 11.Dwelling-houses for officers.

      4. Part IV Provisions relating to authorised works

        1. 12.Joint Board may continue to maintain authorised works.

        2. 13.Transfer of property, works and undertaking.

        3. 14.Subsidiary works in Firth of Tay and elsewhere.

        4. 15.Subsidiary works in connection with roads, etc.

        5. 16.Connection of drains, etc., with streams, etc.

        6. 17.Power to erect fenders, etc.

        7. 18.Power to dredge, etc.

        8. 19.Tidal works not to be executed without approval of Secretary of State.

        9. 20.Survey of works by Secretary of State.

        10. 21.Abatement of work abandoned or decayed.

        11. 22.Permanent lights on works.

        12. 23.Provision against danger to navigation.

        13. 24.Policing, etc., of bridge.

        14. 25.Lighting of bridge, etc.

        15. 26.Provision of fire-fighting equipment.

        16. 27.Cleansing of bridge and relative works.

        17. 28.As to closing of bridge.

        18. 29.Prohibiting works on bridge.

        19. 30.Accommodation for water main on bridge, etc.

        20. 31.Accommodation for telecommunication apparatus on bridge, etc.

      5. Part V Finance

        1. 32.Definitions for Part V of Order.

        2. 33.Advances by councils to Joint Board.

        3. 34.Requests for councils' contributions towards capital expenditure.

        4. 35.Temporary borrowing by Joint Board.

        5. 36.Repayment by Joint Board of moneys borrowed from councils.

        6. 37.Financial year of Joint Board.

        7. 38.General fund.

        8. 39.General reserve fund.

        9. 40.Investment of general reserve fund.

        10. 41.Application of revenues of undertaking.

        11. 42.Accounts.

      6. Part VI Tolls

        1. 43.Tolls.

        2. 44.Revision of tolls.

        3. 45.Notice of revision of tolls and inquiries.

        4. 46.Schedule of tolls to be exhibited.

        5. 47.Special charges, etc., for vehicles in special circumstances.

        6. 48.As to payment of tolls.

        7. 49.Tickets.

        8. 50.Persons may be prevented from using bridge on refusal to pay tolls.

        9. 51.Composition agreements.

        10. 52.Power to provide toll houses, etc.

        11. 53.Penalty for failure to pay tolls.

        12. 54.Exemption from tolls.

        13. 55.Cesser of tolls.

        14. 56.Interpretation of authorised tolls.

      7. Part VII Byelaws

        1. 57.Power to make byelaws.

        2. 58.Procedure for making byelaws, etc.

        3. 59.Saving for existing byelaws.

        4. 60.Management rules.

        5. 61.Application of Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982.

        6. 62.Saving for Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974.

      8. Part VIII Miscellaneous

        1. 63.Services to Joint Board.

        2. 64.Power to provide car parks, etc.

        3. 65.Power of Joint Board to regulate traffic on bridge.

        4. 66.Subsidiary powers.

        5. 67.Payment by Joint Board of travelling expenses, etc., of members.

        6. 68.Recovery and application of penalties.

        7. 69.Undertaking to be exempt from rates.

        8. 70.Provisions as to local inquiries, etc.

        9. 71.Authentication of notices by Joint Board.

        10. 72.Service of notices by Joint Board.

        11. 73.Service of legal proceedings and notices on Joint Board.

        12. 74.Power to promote and oppose private legislation, etc.

        13. 75.Resolution of Joint Board to promote private legislation.

        14. 76.Agreements.

        15. 77.Settlement of differences.

        16. 78.Joint Board to meet cost of additional dredging due to existence of bridge or works.

        17. 79.For protection of port authority.

        18. 80.For protection of British Railways Board.

        19. 81.For protection of Scottish Hydro-Electric plc.

        20. 82.Crown rights.

        21. 83.Repeal.

        22. 84.Costs of Order.

    2. Schedules:

    3. Schedule 1

      1. Part I Provisions with respect to the appointment, tenure of office and qualifications of members of the Joint Board, etc.

      2. Part II Provisions as to meetings and proceedings.

    4. Schedule 2

      Transitional provisions and savings.