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Impact Assessment of the transfer of private sewers and lateral drains to statutory water and sewerage companies2011 No. 502UK Impact Assessments
Phasing out the Default Retirement Age (DRA)2011 No. 501UK Impact Assessments
Impact Assessment of Marine licensing enforcement (civil sanctions and appeals) 2011 No. 500UK Impact Assessments
Renewable Heat Incentive2011 No. 499UK Impact Assessments
Gambling Act 2005: Category B3 Gaming Machines2011 No. 498UK Impact Assessments
Alternative Business Structures: Appellate body order for the Council for Licensed Conveyancers2011 No. 497UK Impact Assessments
Section 69 order: Modification of the functions of The Law Society and Council of Licensed Conveyancers2011 No. 496UK Impact Assessments
The Equality Act 2010 (Work on Ships and Hovercraft) Regulations 2011 formerly known as The Equality Act 2010 (Application of Part 5 to Seafarers) Regulations 20112011 No. 495UK Impact Assessments
Impact Assessment for The Immigration & Nationality (Fees) Regulations 20112011 No. 494UK Impact Assessments
Phasing out the Default Retirement Age (DRA) 2011 No. 493UK Impact Assessments
The Warm Home Discount Scheme2011 No. 492UK Impact Assessments
Compensation Arrangements - Driving Instruction Suspension and Exemption Scheme2011 No. 491UK Impact Assessments
Changes to regulations for Care Quality Commission registration2011 No. 490UK Impact Assessments
The Community Drivers' Hours and Passenger and Goods Vehicles (Community Recording Equipment) Regulations 20112011 No. 489UK Impact Assessments
Amendments to Schedule 5 of the Anti Terrorism, Crime and Security Act (2001)2011 No. 488UK Impact Assessments
Workplace Pension Reform Secondary Legislation 20122011 No. 487UK Impact Assessments
Workplace Pension Reform Secondary Legislation 20122011 No. 486UK Impact Assessments
The Road Transport (Working Time) (Amendment) Regulations 20112011 No. 485UK Impact Assessments
Resolving Workplace Disputesf2011 No. 484UK Impact Assessments
M1 Junctions 10 to 13 Managed Motorway2011 No. 483UK Impact Assessments

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