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The Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme Regulations 2011

  1. PART 1

    1. 1.Citation and commencement

    2. 2.Interpretation

    3. 3.Renewable heat incentive scheme

  2. PART 2

    1. CHAPTER 1

      1. 4.Eligible installations

    2. CHAPTER 2 Eligibility criteria for technologies

      1. 5.Eligible installations generating heat from solid biomass

      2. 6.Eligible installations generating heat from solid biomass contained in municipal waste

      3. 7.Eligible installations generating heat using solar collectors

      4. 8.Eligible installations generating heat using heat pumps

      5. 9.Eligible installations which are CHP systems

      6. 10.Eligible installations generating heat using geothermal sources

      7. 11.Eligible installations generating heat using biogas

      8. 12.Other eligibility requirements for technologies

      9. 13.MCS certification for microgeneration heating equipment

      10. 14.Plants comprised of more than one plant

      11. 15.Excluded plants

    3. CHAPTER 3

      1. 16.Metering of plants in simple systems

      2. 17.Metering of plants in complex systems

      3. 18.Shared meters

      4. 19.Metering of CHP systems generating electricity only before 15th July 2009

      5. 20.Matters relating to all heat meters and steam measuring equipment

      6. 21.Additional metering requirements for plants generating heat from biogas

  3. PART 3

    1. 22.Applications for accreditation

    2. 23.Exceptions to duty to accredit

    3. 24.Changes in ownership

    4. 25.Producers of biomethane

    5. 26.Preliminary accreditation

  4. PART 4

    1. CHAPTER 1

      1. 27.Interpretation

      2. 28.Participants using solid biomass contained in municipal waste

      3. 29.Participants using solid biomass in accredited RHI installations with an installation capacity of 1MWth or above

      4. 30.Participants using solid biomass in accredited RHI installations with an installation capacity of between 45kWth and 1MWth

    2. CHAPTER 2

      1. 31.Biogas produced from gasification or pyrolysis

      2. 32.Participants generating heat from biogas

      3. 33.Biomethane producers

    3. CHAPTER 3

      1. 34.Ongoing obligations: general

      2. 35.Ongoing obligations in relation to metering

      3. 36.Ongoing obligations in relation to the provision of information

  5. PART 5

    1. 37.Payment of periodic support payments to participants

    2. 38.Periodic support payments for accredited RHI installations in simple systems

    3. 39.Periodic support payments accredited RHI installations for complex systems

    4. 40.Fossil fuel contamination of solid biomass and fossil fuel used for permitted ancillary purposes

    5. 41.Fossil fuel contamination adjustment to periodic support payments for producers and combusters of biogas produced from gasification and pyrolysis

    6. 42.Periodic support payments to producers of biomethane

  6. PART 6

    1. 43.Treatment of additional RHI capacity

  7. PART 7

    1. 44.Power to temporarily withhold periodic support payments to investigate alleged non-compliance

    2. 45.Power to suspend periodic support payments where ongoing failure to comply

    3. 46.Power to permanently withhold or reduce a participant’s periodic support payments

    4. 47.Revocation of accreditation or registration

    5. 48.Overpayment notices and offsetting

  8. PART 8

    1. 49.Revocation of Part 7 sanctions

  9. PART 9

    1. 50.Power to inspect accredited RHI installations

  10. PART 10

    1. 51.Right of review

  11. PART 11

    1. 52.Publication of guidance and tariffs

    2. 53.Reporting obligations

    3. 54.Additional information

    4. 55.Notices


    1. SCHEDULE 1

      Information required for accreditation and registration

      1. 1.(1) This Schedule specifies the information that may be required...

    2. SCHEDULE 2

      Provision of information in relation to the use of biomass in certain circumstances

      1. 1.Information to be provided to the Authority where biomass is used for combustion or production of biomethane

      2. 2.The information is information identifying to the best of the...

      3. 3.The information specified in paragraph 2 must be collated by...

      4. 4.The information specified in paragraph 2 must be provided for...

      5. 5.For the purpose of this Schedule— “energy crop” means a...

    3. SCHEDULE 3