The Uncertificated Securities Regulations 2001

Provision of information by Operators

10.—(1) The Treasury may, in writing, require an Operator to give them such information as they may specify.

(2) The Treasury may also, in writing, require an Operator to give them, at such times or in respect of such periods as they may specify, such information relating to that Operator as they may specify.

(3) Any information required to be given under this regulation shall be only such as the Treasury may reasonably require for the exercise of their functions under these Regulations.

(4) The Treasury may require information to be given by a specified time, in a specified form and to be verified in a specified manner.

(5) If an Operator—

(a)alters or revokes any of his rules or guidance; or

(b)makes new rules or issues new guidance,

he shall give written notice to the Treasury without delay.