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5 Constitution and functions of Board of Governors.E

[F1(1)The Board shall consist of the Commissioners mentioned in paragraph 1(b) of Schedule 1 to this Measure.]

[F2(2)The Archbishop of Canterbury shall be the chairman of the Board and—

(a)he may appoint a deputy chairman from among the members of the Board, who may act as chairman in the Archbishop's absence at any meeting to be held during the period of five years following the date of his appointment; and

(b)if neither the chairman nor the deputy chairman is present at any meeting, the members attending the meeting may elect a member to act as chairman of that meeting.]

(3)Subject to the provisions of this Measure, all the functions and business of the Commissioners shall be exercised and transacted by the Board.

(4)The Board shall have power—

[F3(a)to refer for consideration and report any matter within their jurisdiction to the Assets Committee or the Audit Committee, or to any other committee which the Board may appoint for the purpose or which the Board and the Archbishops’ Council acting jointly may appoint;]

(b)to authorise F4. . . F5[the Assets Committee], or any other such committee as aforesaid, to do and complete any matter on behalf of the Board;

(c)to make general rules for the direction and guidance of F6. . . [F5 the Assets Committee] or any committee appointed by the Board, as to the matters and acts to be considered and done by that committee, and as to the general principles upon which that committee shall act in carrying out such functions as may from time to time be delegated to them by the Board.

[F7(4A)Commissioners shall constitute a majority of the members of any committee appointed under subsection (4)(a) above.]

(5)F8. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .