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Section 7(1).

SCHEDULE IVU.K. General Provisions relating to the Commissioners, the Board and Committees

1The proceedings of the Commissioners, the Board or a committee shall not be invalidated by any vacancy in the membership thereof, or by any defect in the qualification, [F1election or nomination of any member or, in relation to a committee, in the appointment of any member].

Textual Amendments

2When [F2an elected] or nominated Commissioner proposes to retire, his intention so to do shall be notified by him in writing to the secretary of the Commissioners, who shall forthwith give notice to the person or body by whom such Commissioner was [F3elected] or nominated.

[F43Casual vacancies among elected or nominated Commissioners may be filled by the person or body by whom the Commissioner vacating office was elected or nominated. Casual vacancies among appointed members of a committee may be filled by the person or body by whom the member vacating office was appointed.]

4Any person [F5elected] or nominated to fill a casual vacancy shall hold office for the remainder of the term (if any) for which his predecessor was [F5elected] or nominated.

Textual Amendments

5At any meeting of the Commissioners, the Board or a committee, every question shall be decided by a majority of the votes of members present and voting on that question and in the case of equality of votes, the member presiding shall have a second or casting vote:

F6. . .

Textual Amendments

[F75A(1)The chairman of the Board or of any committee may, if he considers that any business can properly be conducted by correspondence, instruct the secretary of the Board or of the committee to circulate to the Board or the committee in writing or by electronic transmission proposals requiring the approval of its members.U.K.

(2)Unless objections to the proposals are received from any members in such numbers and within such period from the date of their posting or transmission (as the case may be), as may be specified in Standing Orders, the proposals shall be deemed, at the expiry of that period, to be approved by the Board or the committee with the same effect as if they had been approved at a duly convened meeting.]

6Minutes of the proceedings of the Commissioners or of the Board signed at the same or the next meeting by a member describing himself, or appearing to be, the person presiding at the meeting at which the minutes are signed, shall be received in evidence without further proof, and, until the contrary is proved, every meeting of the Commissioners or of the Board, in respect of the proceedings whereof minutes have been so signed shall be deemed to have been duly convened and held.

7The provisions of this Schedule relating to Committees shall in their application to the [F8Assets Committee and the Audit Committee] have effect subject to any special provisions with respect thereto contained in this Measure.

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