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PART 1 EParsonage land

Dealings in parsonage house etc.E

4Vacancy in benefice: division, improvement etc. of parsonage houseE

(1)During a vacancy in a benefice, the bishop of the diocese may, with the consent of the Parsonages Board, authorise the sequestrators of the benefice—

(a)to divide the parsonage house into two or more parts or to reduce the size of the house in some other way;

(b)to enlarge the house;

(c)to make improvements to the house.

(2)The sequestrators may, for the purpose of carrying out work authorised under subsection (1), enter the land of the benefice.

(3)Where the parsonage house is occupied by a member of the team in a team ministry, the sequestrators may not carry out work authorised under subsection (1) without the consent of that member.

(4)Where work is authorised under subsection (1) but the vacancy in the benefice is filled before the completion of the work, the incumbent succeeding to the benefice must complete the work, in so far as there is any money specially applicable or loaned by the Church Commissioners for that purpose (including any money loaned after the vacancy was filled).

(5)In carrying out the duty under subsection (4), the incumbent must act in accordance with the plans and specifications authorised by the bishop subject to such modifications as the bishop and the Parsonages Board agree.

(6)If the incumbent fails to carry out the duty under subsection (4), the Parsonages Board may complete the work.

Commencement Information

I1S. 4 in force at 1.3.2019 by S.I. 2019/97, art. 2