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PART 3 ENewly acquired land

31Land subject to rent etc.E

(1)Land which is a part of land that is subject to rent may be granted to a DBF for a purpose specified in section 28(1) free from the rent if it appears to the DBF and the grantor that the remainder of the land is of sufficient value to bear the rent.

(2)Where a grant is made in accordance with subsection (1), the remainder of the land becomes liable to the rent to which the whole of the land had been liable immediately before the grant.

(3)The DBF may do whatever is necessary to give effect to this section.

(4)A reference to rent includes a reference to any other annual or recurring charge.

Commencement Information

I1S. 31 in force at 1.3.2019 by S.I. 2019/97, art. 2