30Diocesan registrar: continuation

(1)For each diocese, there is to continue to be an office the holder of which is known as the registrar of the diocese; and the holder of that office is also the legal adviser to the bishop of the diocese.

(2)The registrar of a diocese is appointed by the bishop of the diocese.

(3)Before making an appointment under subsection (2), the bishop must consult the bishop’s council and standing committee of the diocesan synod.

(4)The registrar of a diocese must exercise the functions conferred or imposed by or under an enactment or Canon on the registrar or on the registrar of the consistory court of the diocese.

(5)The office of registrar of a diocese may be held by two persons jointly; but either of those persons may exercise any of the functions referred to in subsection (4).

(6)The reference in subsection (4) to functions conferred or imposed on the registrar includes a reference to any function which—

(a)had been exercisable by the bishop’s legal secretary before the abolition of that office under section 6(4) of the Ecclesiastical Judges and Legal Officers Measure 1976, and

(b)was exercisable by the registrar by virtue of section 4(2) of that Measure immediately before the commencement of this section.