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Part 8EMiscellaneous and General

Administrative provisionsE

94Payment of expenses from diocesan pastoral accounts and application of moneysE

(1)Expenses incurred by or on behalf of, or under the authority or direction of, the bishop of any diocese or any mission and pastoral committee or the Commissioners for the purposes of this Measure or any scheme or order made shall be paid out of the moneys standing to the credit of the diocesan pastoral account so far as those moneys suffice, but any such expenses shall not include the salaries or wages of persons in the regular employment of the bishop, any board or committee of the diocese, or the Commissioners, or any part of any such salaries or wages.

(2)Where any such expenses are incurred in respect of more than one diocese the Commissioners shall, after consultation with the diocesan board of finance of each diocese concerned, determine the proportions in which the expenses are to be borne by each diocese.

(3)The Commissioners or the diocesan board of finance, as the case may be, shall be entitled to be repaid out of the diocesan pastoral account any money expended by them or the board on any property vested by or under this Measure in the Commissioners or the board, as the case may be, for the purpose of furthering the disposal or use of the property.

(4)Where the diocesan board of finance is satisfied that any moneys standing to the credit of a diocesan pastoral account are not required or likely to be required for meeting the expenses or expenditure referred to in this section it may—

(a)apply those moneys by way of grant or loan to the provision, restoration, improvement or repair of churches and parsonage houses in the diocese, including the repair of any building closed for regular public worship vested in the board pending the coming into operation of arrangements under a pastoral (church buildings disposal) scheme, or to other purposes of the diocese or any benefice or parish in the diocese; or

(b)apply those moneys by way of grant or loan for the benefit of another diocese, either generally for those purposes or for such of those purposes as the board may specify; or

(c)transfer those moneys to the capital or income account of the diocesan stipends fund; or

(d)transfer those moneys to one or more other accounts or funds held by the board or apply or transfer them partly to such other accounts or funds and partly as provided in paragraphs (a) to (c).

Commencement Information

I1S. 94 in force at 1.7.2012 by S.I. 2012/1, art. 2