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Part 2 EApproval for works to Cathedrals and approval bodies

Establishment and Functions of the Cathedrals Fabric Commission and Fabric Advisory CommitteesE

5Powers of fabric advisory committee in relation to application of section 2E

(1)The fabric advisory committee shall have power—

(a)if requested to do so by the Chapter, to determine whether, under section 2(1), an application for approval of a proposal by the Chapter is required to be made; and

(b)after consultation with the Chapter and subject to the agreement of the Commission, to determine that section 2 is not to apply to proposals of any class or description specified by the committee and to vary or revoke any determination made under this paragraph.

(2)If the Chapter wishes to have it determined whether a proposal is one to which section 2 does not apply by virtue of subsection (1)(b) the fabric advisory committee shall have power to determine that question.

(3)Where the Commission has made a determination under section 6(2) in relation to any matter, the fabric advisory committee shall not make a determination under subsection (1)(a) in relation to the same matter.

Commencement Information

I1S. 5 in force at 1.9.2011 by 2011 No. 2, art. 2