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24Types of penaltyE

(1)One or more of the following penalties may be imposed on a respondent upon a finding that he has committed any misconduct, namely—

(a)prohibition for life, that is to say prohibition without limit of time from exercising any of the functions of his Orders;

(b)limited prohibition, that is to say prohibition for a specific time from exercising any of the functions of his Orders;

(c)removal from office, that is to say, removal from any preferment which he then holds;

(d)in the case of a minister licensed to serve in a diocese by the bishop thereof, revocation of the licence;

(e)injunction, that is to say, an order to do or to refrain from doing a specified act;


(2)No penalty of removal from office imposed on an archbishop or bishop or on any person holding any preferment the right to appoint to which is vested in Her Majesty (not being a parochial benefice) shall have effect unless and until Her Majesty by Order in Council confirms the penalty.

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I1S. 24 in force at 1.1.2006 by S.I. 2005/6, Instrument made by Archbishops