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Archbishops’ CouncilE

4 Reports and budgets.E

(1)The Council shall cause a report of its work and proceedings during the year in question, including any decisions taken as to its future work, to be laid before the General Synod before the end of June in the following year.

(2)The Council shall also, at each group of sessions of the General Synod, cause an account of the matters discussed and the decisions taken by it at its meetings held since the previous group of sessions to be laid before the General Synod.

(3)In each year the Council shall prepare a budget indicating its expected income and expenditure for the following year and, before the end of June, cause it to be laid before the General Synod for its approval.

(4)In considering the annual budget it shall not be open to the General Synod to alter the amount of the sums to be made available to the Council by the Church Commissioners under section 2 above or the proposed application or distribution of those sums.

(5)The General Synod may request reports from the Council on any matter relating to the functions of the Council.