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SCHEDULEU.K. Amendment of Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Measure 1963

[F18In section 81 (evidence and general powers and rights of courts and commissions)—

(a)in subsection (1) after the word “Measure” there shall be inserted the words “and the Vicar-General’s Court of each of the provinces of Canterbury and York”;

(b)in subsection (2) after the words “such court or commission” there shall be inserted the words “or Vicar-General’s court”;

(c)in subsection (4) for the words from “subsection (2)” to the end there shall be inserted the words “section 13(2) of the Care of Churches and Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Measure 1991 or section 6(1) of the Care of Cathedrals (Supplementary Provisions) Measure 1994 and an injunction under section 13(4) of the former Measure or section 6(3) of the latter Measure”.]

Textual Amendments applied to the whole legislation

F1Measure repealed (1.9.2011) by Care of Cathedrals Measure 2011 (No. 1), s. 34(2), Sch. 3 (with s. 31); 2011 No. 2, art. 2; Ss. 8, 9, Sch revived and s. 11 revived for specified purposes (retrospective to 1.9.2011) by Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction and Care of Churches Measure 2018 (No. 3), s. 99(2), Sch. 1 para. 1 (with Sch. 4 Pt. 1); S.I. 2018/720, art. 2