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SCHEDULE 3E Minor and Consequential Amendments to the 1977 Measure

2In section 2 of the 1977 Measure (action to be taken by archdeacon in certain cases before institution of enquiry)—E

(a)in subsection (1) the words—

(i)for the words “section 1” there shall be substituted the words “ section 1A ”;

(ii)the words “to take such steps as are mentioned in subsection (4) below and” shall be omitted;

(b)in subsection (5) for the words “such directions” there shall be substituted the words “ the directions of the bishop ”, for the word “his” in the second place where it appears there shall be substituted the word “ the ” and at the end there shall be inserted the words “ ; and the archdeacon, in making his report to the bishop, shall have regard to the extent to which the current Code of Practice issued under section 1 of this Measure has been complied with ”.