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Part IVE Miscellaneous, Administrative and General

Restrictions on presentationE

70 Modification of Benefices (Exercise of Rights of Presentation) Measure 1931 where presentation is suspended or restricted.E

Where the bishop declares a suspension period in respect of any benefice, or any restriction imposed by or under any provision of section 24 or 69 comes into force in respect of any benefice,—

(a)save as provided in this section no notice under [F1section 7 of the Patronage (Benefices) Measure 1986]of a vacancy or impending vacancy in that benefice shall be given during the suspension period or, as the case may be, while the restriction is in force;

(b)any such notice relating to that benefice given before the suspension period began or, as the case may be, the restriction came into force shall be deemed to have been revoked and any act done under that Measure consequent upon that notice shall be of no effect;

(c)that benefice shall be deemed for the purposes of that Measure to become vacant immediately after the day on which the suspension period comes to an end or, as the case may be, the day on which the restriction ceases to be in force; and

(d)upon the benefice being deemed to become vacant the bishop shall give to the patron and the parochial church council the notice required by [F2section 7(4)]of that Measure so however that if the suspension period will come to an end as a result of a notice given by the bishop under section 67(4) of this Measure the notice referred to in the foregoing provisions of this section may be given by the bishop at the same time as the notice under section 67(4) and in any other case the notice referred to in the foregoing provisions may be given not more than fourteen days before the suspension period will end or the restriction will cease to be in force as the case may be.