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1 Provision for extending the ministry of deaconesses, licensed lay workers, readers and others.U.K.

(1)It shall be lawful for the General Synod to provide by Canon for the authorisation by the bishop of the diocese of deaconesses, licensed lay workers, readers, and other lay persons having such qualifications as may be prescribed by Canon, to perform any of the following duties at the invitation of the minister of a parish or an extra-parochial minister:—

(a)to church women;

(b)in the absence of the minister, to baptise;

(c)with the goodwill of the persons responsible, to bury the dead or read the burial service before, at or after a cremation.

(2)A Canon made in pursuance of the preceding subsection may provide for substituting, when a cure is vacant, the invitation of the rural dean for the invitation of the minister of the parish or parishes concerned.

(3)The power to provide by Canon for the matters aforesaid shall be exerciseable notwithstanding any rubric or direction in the Book of Common Prayer or any rule of ecclesiastical law.

(4)References in any enactment or Measure relating to burial or cremation to a clerk or minister in Holy Orders, or to qualified persons authorised by an incumbent or minister, or to a minister of religion, shall be construed as including references to a person authorised in pursuance of subsection (1) of this section to perform the duties specified in paragraph (c) thereof, but not so as to enable any such person to perform those duties otherwise than in accordance with the conditions prescribed by Canon.

(5)In this section the expression “extra-parochial minister” means a minister licensed under section 2 of the M1Extra-Parochial Ministry Measure 1967 to perform at any of the institutions therein mentioned all or any of the duties specified in subsection (1) of this section.

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