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5Ordination of clergymen for ministry overseas.U.K.

(1)Any bishop of a diocese in the province of Canterbury or York, on receiving a request from the bishop of an overseas diocese that he should ordain as priest or deacon a person named in the request, with a view to his exercising his ministry in the overseas diocese, may ordain that person in pursuance of that request and shall endorse on his Letters of Orders that he has been ordained under this section in pursuance of the request of the overseas bishop concerned.

(2)Where any person who is to be ordained under this section is not a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies, the bishop who is to ordain him may dispense with the taking of the oath of allegiance.

(3)Where it is desired that a person ordained under this section should exercise his ministry for a limited period in the province of Canterbury or York before proceeding overseas, the power of the Archbishop to grant a temporary permission under section 1 of this Measure shall be applicable.