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1 Power to make or guarantee loans for expenditure in connection with theological colleges and other establishments.U.K.

The Church Commissioners (hereinafter referred to as “the Commissioners”) may from time to time, on the application of the Central Board of Finance of the Church of England:—

(a)lend to the Central Board of Finance such sums as the Commissioners may think fit for the purpose of defraying expenditure upon lands or buildings of any tenure vested in or held in trust for (or proposed to be vested in or held in trust for) any existing or proposed college or establishment mentioned in the succeeding section or for the purpose of any other capital expenditure in connection with any college or establishment upon such terms and conditions as to interest and repayment of principal as may be agreed;

(b)guarantee unconditionally or upon such terms and conditions as the Commissioners may agree the due repayment of the whole or any part of any such loans made by any other body or person and the payment of interest in respect thereof:

Provided that the totals at any one time of sums lent, and of principal sums guaranteed, by the Commissioners under this section shall together not exceed the sum of one million pounds.

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2 Definition of colleges and establishments to which Measure applies.U.K.

(1)Loans may be made or guarantees given under the preceding section in respect of colleges and establishments which are, or which it is proposed to establish as:—

(a)theological colleges for the training of candidates for ordination as ministers of the Church of England; or

(b)establishments for the preliminary training of persons accepted for ordination before their entry into such theological colleges; or

(c)establishments of which the primary purpose is the training of women for work in connection with the cure of souls in the provinces of Canterbury and York.

(2)Any question as to whether any college or establishment is within the preceding sub-section, or will, when established, be within it, shall be determined by the archbishop of the province in which it is or will be situated.

3 Short title.U.K.

This Measure may cited as the Church Commissioners (Loans for Theological Colleges and Training Houses) Measure 1964.