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Part XE Costs

62 Payment of expenses of courts, &c. by Central Board.E

(1)Save in so far as the same shall be payable by any other person under this Measure or any order or rule for the time being in force, the Central Board shall pay the costs and expenses of all courts, commissions, committees and examiners constituted or appointed under this Measure for the purpose of proceedings in respect of offences cognisable under section fourteen thereof F1... :

Provided that the Central Board before paying the whole or any part of any costs and expenses in pursuance of this section shall first be satisfied that they are reasonable in amount.

(2)The Commissioners shall have power from time to time at their absolute discretion to contribute out of their general fund such sums as they shall think fit in relief of the liability of the [F2Archbishops’ Council] under the foregoing subsection.

Textual Amendments

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C1S. 62 applied (with modifications) (1.1.2006) by Clergy Discipline Measure 2003 (No. 3), ss. 35(1), 48(2) (with s. 47); S.I. 2005/6, Instrument made by Archbishops