Scottish Statutory Instruments

2017 No. 393


The Prisons and Young Offenders Institutions (Scotland) Amendment Rules 2017


9th November 2017

Laid before the Scottish Parliament

13th November 2017

Coming into force

8th January 2018

Citation and commencement

1.  These Rules may be cited as the Prisons and Young Offenders Institutions (Scotland) Amendment Rules 2017 and come into force on 8th January 2018.

Amendment of the Prisons and Young Offenders Institutions (Scotland) Rules 2011

2.—(1) The Prisons and Young Offenders Institutions (Scotland) Rules 2011(2) are amended as follows.

(2) In rule 2 (Interpretation) for the definition of “smoke” substitute—



in respect of a nicotine vapour product as defined in in section 35A of the Tobacco and Primary Medical Services (Scotland) Act 2010(4) means inhaling vapour from a nicotine vapour product..

(3) In rule 36 (Smoking)—

(a)in paragraph (1) for “Prisoners” substitute “Subject to paragraph (2A) prisoners”;

(b)after paragraph (2) insert—

(2A) Before commencing a check of a cell or a room to ensure that it is secure, safe and habitable, the Governor may instruct a prisoner, that for a period starting 30 minutes before the check is to proceed and ending when the check is complete, the prisoner must—

(a)not smoke in the cell or room; and

(b)open any windows or vents in the cell or room..


A member of the Scottish Government

St Andrew’s House,


9th November 2017


(This note is not part of the Rules)

These Rules amend the Prisons and Young Offenders Institutions (Scotland) Rules 2011.

Rule 2(2) extends the definition of “smoke” to include nicotine vapour products, as defined in the Tobacco and Primary Medical Services (Scotland) Act 2010. This will allow prisoners to use vaping products as well as smoke tobacco.

Rule 2(3) amends rule 36 to allow Governors to instruct prisoners, who would otherwise be able to smoke in their cells, to desist from doing so and to open all vents and windows in their cell before and whilst certain cell checks are being carried out in their cell. By stopping smoking and opening windows and vents it is hoped that officers carrying out the cell checks will be exposed to reduced or minimal second hand smoke.


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