SCHEDULEThe First-tier Tribunal for Scotland Housing and Property Chamber Rules of Procedure 2017

PART 3Procedure in respect of private rented applications

CHAPTER 6Procedure in respect of assured tenancy applications

Application for damages for unlawful eviction

69.  Where a former residential occupier makes an application under section 36(6A) or (6B) (damages for unlawful eviction) of the 1988 Act, the application must—


(i)the name and address of the former residential occupier;

(ii)the name, address and profession of any representative of the former residential occupier;

(iii)the name and address and registration number (if any) of the landlord; and

(iv)the details of the amount of damages sought based on section 37 of the 1988 Act in respect of the loss of the right to occupy the premises; and

(b)be signed and dated by the former residential occupier or a representative of the former residential occupier.