SCHEDULE 5Official labels, supplier’s documents and accompanying documents

PART 1Official labels

1.  An official label used in relation to pre-basic material must, if a coloured label is used, be white with a diagonal violet stripe.

2.  An official label used in relation to basic material must be white.

3.  An official label used in relation to certified material must, if a coloured label is used, be blue.

4.  An official label must—

(a)contain the statement “EU rules and standards”; and

(b)state the following particulars:—

(i)the name of the responsible official body and member State or their distinguishing abbreviations;

(ii)the name of the supplier or their registration number;

(iii)the reference number of the package, container or bundle, the individual serial number, the week number or the batch number;

(iv)the botanical name of the plant material;

(v)the category of the plant material and, for basic material, the generation number;

(vi)the denomination of the variety and, where appropriate, the clone.

(vii)in the case of rootstocks not belonging to a variety, the name of the species or the interspecific hybrid concerned;

(viii)in the case of grafted fruit plants, the information in heads (vi) (in relation to the top-graft) and (vii) (in relation to the rootstock);

(ix)for varieties in respect of which an application to be a registered variety or for the grant of a plant variety right is pending, any information given in relation to heads (vi) to (viii) must be pre-fixed with the words “proposed denomination” and “application pending”;

(x)where appropriate, the words “variety with an officially recognised description”;

(xi)the quantity of plant material;

(xii)where different from the member State of labelling, the country of production and its respective code or abbreviation;

(xiii)the year of issue, or in the case of a replacement label, the year of issue of the original label;

(xiv)in the case of a genetically modified variety—

(aa)a statement that the variety has been genetically modified; and

(bb)a list of the genetically modified organisms.

5.  The information and particulars required on an official label must be indelibly printed in one of the official languages of the European Union and must be easily visible and legible.