PART 7Transfers

CHAPTER 2Transfers values

SECTION 2Transfers out

Right to transfer value payment

133.—(1) This Section applies to a member (M) unless M is—

(a)an active member;

(b)a pensioner member in respect of the pension to which M has become entitled; or

(c)a pension credit member in respect of rights that are directly attributable to a pension credit.

(2) If Chapter 4 of Part 4 of the 1993 Act (transfer values) applies to M (see section 93(1)(a) of that Act), M is entitled to require the payment of a transfer value in respect of the rights to benefit that have accrued to or in respect of M under this scheme.

(3) If Chapter 5 of that Part applies to M (see section 101AA of that Act), M is entitled to a cash transfer sum or a contribution refund in accordance with that Chapter.

(4) In any other case, M is entitled to require payment as mentioned in paragraph (2) as if the rights had accrued to or in respect of M by reference to the pensionable service M is entitled to count under this scheme (and references to M’s accrued rights or benefits are to be read accordingly).