Regulation 20(2)


1.  The applicant’s full name, date of birth and business address, email and telephone number.

2.  The 2011 Act panel(s) to which the applicant wishes to be appointed.

3.  Where the application is for re-appointment to a 2011 Act panel—

(a)the 2011 Act panel to which the applicant wishes to be re-appointed; and

(b)the date on which the previous appointment ended, or is due to end.

4.  The relevant qualifications of the applicant.

5.  The applicant’s membership of professional institutions.

6.  Particulars of the applicant’s present employment.

7.  Particulars of—

(a)all work carried out by the applicant in relation to reservoirs, with details of the reservoirs in connection with whose design, construction, maintenance or repair the applicant has been employed, including their type, capacity and main dimensions; or

(b)where the application is for re-appointment, all such work since the start of the applicant’s previous appointment to the 2011 Act panel.