Applications to the panel

3.—(1) An application must be made by written notice, and may be made on a form obtained from the panel offices.

(2) The application must state—

(a)the name and address of the landlord;

(b)that the application is made under section 28A of the Act;

(c)the address of the house in respect of which the application is made;

(d)the name, address and profession of any representative appointed by the landlord;

(e)a telephone number to enable contact to be made with the landlord or any representative appointed by the landlord and any email address which may be used for such contact;

(f)the landlord registration number of the landlord or that an application for registration has been made in accordance with section 83 of the Antisocial Behaviour etc. (Scotland) Act 2004(1) and has not been determined;

(g)the name, telephone number (if known), and email address (if known) of the tenant;

(h)that the tenant has been notified in writing that the landlord wishes to exercise the landlord’s right of entry;

(i)that entry to the house is sought for the purpose of paragraph (a) of section 181(4) of the Act or of paragraph (b) of that section or of both;

(j)whether or not the landlord has, within the 12 months prior to the date of making of the application, made another application under section 28A of the Act in respect of the same house; and

(k)the name of any person the landlord intends to authorise to enter the house.

(3) The application must be signed and dated by the landlord or by any representative appointed by the landlord.

(4) The application must be accompanied by—

(a)a copy of the lease or the tenancy agreement or, if these are not available, as much information about the tenancy as the landlord can give; and

(b)a copy of the notification referred to in paragraph (2)(h) and any subsequent correspondence relating to that notification.