Revocations and saving

22.—(1) The Regulations listed in the Schedule are revoked subject to paragraph (2).

(2) Notwithstanding paragraph (1), those Regulations continue to apply on or after 12th June 2015 in relation to—

(a)any approval of aid under those Regulations;

(b)any variation of an approval under those Regulations;

(c)any undertaking given under or for the purposes of those Regulations;

(d)any claim for, or payment of, aid under those Regulations; and

(e)the exercise of any function in relation to—

(i)enforcement of the Regulations or recovery of aid under those Regulations;

(ii)the variation of any approval or undertaking; or

(iii)the acceptance of an undertaking from a new occupier following a change of occupation of all or any part of the land,

where the approval under those Regulations was given or made prior to 12th June 2015 in respect of any measures under Article 20, 36, 52 or 63 of Regulation 1698/2005.