SCHEDULE 7Hearing Session Rules

Procedure at hearing

5.—(1) Except as otherwise provided in these Hearing Session Rules, the procedure at a hearing session is to be as the appointed person determines.

(2) The appointed person is, having considered any submission by the persons entitled to appear at the hearing session, to state at the commencement of the hearing session the procedure the appointed person proposes to adopt.

(3) Any person entitled to appear may do so on that person’s own behalf or be represented by another person.

(4) Where there are 2 or more persons having a similar interest in the issues being considered at the hearing session, the appointed person may allow one or more persons to appear on behalf of some or all of any persons so interested.

(5) A hearing is to take the form of a discussion led by the appointed person and cross‑examination is not permitted.

(6) The appointed person may proceed with a hearing session in the absence of any person entitled to appear at the hearing session.

(7) The appointed person may from time to time adjourn the hearing session and, if the date, time and place of the adjourned hearing session are announced before the adjournment, no further notice is required otherwise rule 3 applies as it applies to the variation of the date, time or place at which a hearing session is to be held.