The Town and Country Planning (Continuation in force of Local Plans) (Highland) (Scotland) Order 2012

PART 4Sutherland Local Plan

Column 1

Provisions of Sutherland Local Plan to continue in force

Column 2

Limitations and exclusions

1. The provisions of the Written Statement contained in—
Chapter 2 (introduction and context)
Chapter 4 (key forecasts, strategy and vision)Other than the provisions of Section A (key forecasts).
Chapter 5 (general policies)Only the provisions of—

paragraph 5.2 (land allocations) and policy 2 (development factors and development requirements); and


paragraph 5.17 and policy 17 (commerce) to the extent to which policy 17 relates to development for retail purposes within the locations specified in that policy.

2. The provisions of the Proposals Map (including any inset contained in or accompanying it and the policies and proposals shown on such inset) and related notations, referencing and explanatory textOnly to the extent to which those provisions show, illustrate or explain any provision of the local plan which is continued in force by this Order.