The Education (School and Placing Information) (Scotland) Regulations 2012

Duty to supply or make school information available to certain persons at certain places

This section has no associated Executive Note

8.—(1) Where an authority are required by section 28B(1)(b)(i) of the 1980 Act to inform a parent of the particular school in which the authority propose to place the parent’s child, the authority—

(a)must supply school information for that school in accordance with regulations 16 and 17; and

(b)may supply such other information to the parent as they think fit.

(2) Where any other parent makes a request to an authority for school information relating to a school, the authority—

(a)must supply that information; and

(b)may supply such other information as they think fit.

(3) Information supplied under paragraphs (1) or (2) must be supplied free of charge.

(4) An authority must make available school information for a school during working hours on a working day at the school for reference, free of charge, by—

(a)a parent; or

(b)a pupil over school age in attendance at the school,

who requests it.

(5) In carrying out the duty imposed by paragraph (4), an authority may supply or make available such other information as they think fit.