Power to dredge

7.—(1) Without prejudice to any other powers which may be exercisable by the Commissioners within the harbour the Commissioners may, for the purposes of constructing the works deepen, dredge, scour, cleanse, alter and improve so much of the bed, shores and channels of the harbour as lie within the limits of the harbour and within the approaches and the channels leading to those limits and may use, appropriate or dispose of the materials (other than any wreck within the meaning of Part IX of the Merchant Shipping Act 1995(1)), from time to time dredged by them from the harbour.

(2) No material referred to in this article shall be laid down or deposited—

(a)in contravention of the provisions of any enactment as respects the disposal of waste; or

(b)in any place below the level of high water otherwise than in such position and under such conditions and restrictions as may be approved or prescribed by the Scottish Ministers.


1995 c.21, see section 255(1).