Fixed Line Telecommunications

8.  After article 7 (railways) insert—

Fixed Line Telecommunications

7A.(1) Any lands and heritages which would (apart from this Order) be treated as justifying separate entries in two or more valuation rolls shall be treated for all purposes of the Valuation Acts as justifying only one entry in the valuation roll for Renfrewshire in respect of each fixed line operator if they are—

(a)occupied by that fixed line operator; and

(b)occupied by posts, wires, fibres, cables and ducts, telephone kiosks, towers, masts, switching equipment or other equipment, or by servitudes or wayleaves, being property used by that fixed line operator wholly or mainly for the purposes of monitoring, processing or transmission of communications signals for the provision of telecommunications services.

(2) A “fixed line operator” for the purposes of this article, is any of the companies registered at the date of this Order with the following names and registration numbers:

Company nameRegistration number
AOL (UK) Limited03462696
AtlasConnect LimitedSC241790
Be Un Limited05262862
British Telecommunications Public Limited Company01800000
Cable and Wireless Public Limited Company00238525
Easynet Limited02954343
Entanet International Limited03274237
Gamma Telecom Ltd04340834
GEO Networks Limited04614924
Global Crossing (UK) Telecommunications Limited02495998
Lumison LimitedSC236128
NEOS Networks Limited03477297
NTL Business Limited03076222
Opal Telecom Limited03849133
Orange Limited03110666
Pipex Broadband Limited03137499
Pipex Communications Services Limited03059016
Smallworld Cable Limited05679836
SSE Telecommunications LimitedSC213457
Telefónica O2 UK Limited01743099
The JNT Association02881024
Thus Group Holdings plcSC192666
Tiscali UK Limited03408171
Verizon UK Limited02776038
Virgin Media Limited02591237
Vtesse Networks Limited03900836..