SCHEDULE 3Control and eradication of TSE in bovine animals


10.—(1) Where the Scottish Ministers consider that the data to calculate the average price is inadequate, they may pay compensation at—

(a)for animals in that category, the most recent previously calculated average price for which there was sufficient data to calculate the average price; or

(b)for the individual animal, the market value.

(2) For buffalo or bison, compensation is the market value.

(3) The market value is the price that might reasonably have been obtained for the individual animal—

(a)from a purchaser in the open market;

(b)at the time of valuation;

(c)on the assumption that the animal was not from a herd affected by a TSE; and

(d)calculated in accordance with regulation 11.

(4) Where the owner and the Scottish Ministers cannot agree on a market value, the valuation must be carried out in accordance with the procedure laid down in regulation 11(3) to (8) with the owner paying any valuation fee arising.