Enforcement and appeals in relation to public access

12.—(1) The provisions of the Act specified in paragraph (2) apply for the purposes of regulations 8(4)(c) and 10 as they apply for the purposes of the Act, but with the modifications specified in the Schedule to these Regulations.

(2) Those provisions are—

(a)section 47 (application for decision by Commissioner);

(b)section 48 (when application excluded);

(c)section 49 (Commissioner’s decision);

(d)section 50 (information notices);

(e)section 51 (enforcement notices);

(f)section 53 (failure to comply with notice);

(g)section 54 and schedule 3 (powers of entry and inspection);

(h)section 55 (no civil right of action against Scottish public authority); and

(i)section 56 (appeal against notices)

(3) Section 63 of the Act applies to any information obtained by, or furnished to, the Scottish Information Commissioner under or for the purposes of regulation 8(4)(c) or 10.