Article 3


1.  Promoting or undertaking scientific research.

2.—(1) Promoting or undertaking inquiry–

(a)as to materials and equipment; and

(b)as to methods of production, management and labour utilisation.

(2) Promoting or undertaking inquiry under sub-paragraph (1) includes promoting or undertaking–

(a)the discovery and development of–

(i)new materials, equipment and methods, and

(ii)improvements in those already in use,

(b)the assessment of the advantages of different alternatives, and

(c)the conduct of experimental establishments and of tests on a commercial scale.

3.  Promoting the production and marketing of standard products.

4.  Promoting the better definition of trade descriptions and consistency in the use of trade descriptions.

5.  Developing, promoting, marketing or operating–

(a)standards relating to the quality of products; or

(b)systems for the classification of products.

6.  Developing, reviewing or operating schemes for the certification of products or of operations connected with production or supply of products.

7.  Undertaking the certification of products, the registration of certification trade marks, and the functions of proprietors of such marks.

8.  Providing or promoting the provision of–

(a)training for persons engaged in or proposing to be engaged in the red meat sector; and

(b)their education in subjects relevant to the red meat sector.

9.—(1) Promoting–

(a)the adoption of measures for securing safer and better working conditions; and

(b)the provision and improvement of amenities for persons employed.

(2) Promoting or undertaking inquiry as to measures for securing safer and better working conditions.

10.  Promoting or undertaking research into the incidence, prevention and cure of industrial diseases.

11.  Promoting or undertaking arrangements for encouraging the entry of persons into the red meat sector.

12.  Promoting or undertaking research for improving arrangements for marketing and distributing products.

13.  Promoting or undertaking research into matters relating to the consumption or use of goods and services supplied by the red meat sector.

14.  Promoting arrangements–

(a)for co-operative organisations;

(b)for supplying materials and equipment; and

(c)for marketing and distributing products.

15.  Promoting the development of export trade, including promoting or undertaking arrangements for publicity overseas.

16.  Promoting or undertaking arrangements for better acquainting the public in Scotland with the goods and services supplied by the red meat sector and methods of using them.

17.  Promoting or undertaking the collection and formulation of statistics.

18.  Advising on any matters relating to the red meat sector (other than remuneration or conditions of employment) as to which the Scottish Ministers may request Quality Meat Scotland to advise, and undertaking inquiry for the purpose of enabling Quality Meat Scotland to advise on such matters.

19.  Undertaking arrangements for making available information obtained, and for advising, on matters with which the board is concerned in the exercise of any of its functions.

20.  Engaging in any form of collaboration or co-operation with other persons in performing any of their functions, and entering into such consultations with other authorities and persons as appear to them required to ensure that duplication of activities is avoided so far as practicable.